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Helen Hosmer Excellence in Music Teaching Award

This award is for the purpose of recognizing outstanding professional achievement in the teaching of music. The award will honor a Crane School of Music graduate who is currently active in, or retired from public school music education and who has demonstrated exemplary service in any of the areas of choral, instrumental, or general music education. Presentation of the award will take place each year at Reunion Weekend in July. Nomination deadline is February 1st. For further questions, e-mail

View past recipients of the Helen Hosmer Excellence in Music Teaching Award.

THE NOMINATOR: Provide the following information as it pertains to the individual nominated. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Note: Nominations received for qualified Hosmer Award candidates which are unsuccessful in the year of their submission will be kept on file for two additional years, and will automatically be reconsidered in those years unless withdrawn by the nominator. After three years, however, candidates must be re-nominated in order to be considered for the award.

Hosmer Award

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