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Create a Project

The SUNY Potsdam family strives to enrich the lives of those around us and sees community service as a valuable way to serve. Help bring Bear Pride and power to your community’s needs!

Thank you for your help with the inaugural Alumni Day of Service. We need sites for our alumni volunteers. Please consider being a site leader and creating a project within your own community. We’ll help you recruit the volunteers!

To get started on creating a project, some guidelines and suggestions are outlined below.

Identify a Project

  • Your project should fulfill an actual community need.
  • Identify an organization which aligns with your interests and has a need for volunteers.
  • Contact the organization you would like to work with, speak with someone there (preferably the Volunteer Coordinator, if there is one). Give them with background information about Alumni Day of Service and talk through ideas and logistics.
  • Determine project logistics. Projects can range in size from five people sorting donations at the local food pantry to 40 cleaning and raking a large park. If you live in an area with many alumni, it will be easier to recruit volunteers for a large project, but small or individual projects are just as important.

Logistics to cover with your Community Partner

  • What is the maximum and minimum number of people this project can accommodate?
  • Ask about age or other restrictions. (Is it kid friendly or does it require special training?)
  • Choose a timeframe. We recommend that projects last around three hours, or longer if something social is planned afterwards. We suggest 9:00 a.m. to noon, but consider the needs of your site and volunteers.
  • Are there costs associated with the project (e.g., paint, paint brushes, other materials, food)?
  • If you’re planning an outdoor project, consider creating an alternate option or day in case of inclement weather.

Volunteer Recruitment

  • First, Register your service project with the Alumni Relations Office here. The deadline to register is: October 22, 2018
  • The Alumni website will list all the Alumni Day of Service projects with links for those in your area to sign up.
  • The Alumni Office will promote all projects on the Potsdam website, on social media and through geographically targeted emails.
  • You can help promote your project by contacting your former classmates, roommates, and family to encourage them to register.
  • Use social media to promote your project and the organization it will benefit.

Event Checklist

  • Email participants a week before the event with logistics: directions, time, your contact information, etc.
  • Remind participants to wear their Potsdam gear!
  • Gather any needed supplies.

Day of the Event

  • Arrive early to your service site to ensure that everything (including your community partner) is ready to go.
  • Set up a sign-in area for volunteers where they can check in, get nametags and any necessary supplies.
  • When everyone has arrived, provide a welcome, introduce everyone, including your community partner and invite them to share information the service project and its impact.
  • Designate a photographer or encourage everyone to take photos and post online.

Post-Event Wrap Up

  • Please send a thank you email to all who participated in the service project, including volunteers and your community partner.
  • Let the SUNY Potsdam Alumni Relations Office know how many people participated in your project and the names of the alumni involved! Please email a list of those who participated to