Seniors victorious in first Bears Olympics


The Class of 2013 was victorious in the first annual Bears Olympics on Sunday, January, 27. The competition, which divided SUNY Potsdam student-athletes by class year and pitted them against each other, was organized and run by the the Athletic Leadership Council and Potsdam Athletics Staff members.

Dodgeball, Hooper, and Tug of War were the most heated events of the evening. The Seniors finished with a competition-best 59 points overall and dominated the Tug of War, Uniform Relay Race, and Dodgeball games. The Sophomores won the Knockout Challenge, Agility Relay Race, and Hooper as well as nearly upsetting the Seniors in the gold medal match of Tug of War. Sophomores finished second with 40 points. The Juniors, the smallest of the classes, were third with 27 points. The Freshmen had the fastest time in Volleyball Baseball, but it wasn't enough to prevent them from a fourth place finish with 19 points.

Big thank you's for Head Athletic Trainer Lisa Brown for hosting the evening and keeping the energy level high. Tom Nesbitt, Director of
Admissions, entertained us all with his DJ skills and perfectly timed Rocky theme music. Both Assistant Athletic Bill Mitchell and Intramural Director Bill Beauchamp helped organize the schedule of events, rules of the games. Their efforts truly made this a successful event. And of course, we'd also like to thank all of the coaches and Assistant Athletic Trainer Jonathan Hewitt for coming in on a Sunday evening and officiating the games for all the student-athletes.