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General Eligibility

All TLQP programs include at least the following three partners:

  1. An institution of higher education and its school (or department) of education,
  2. A school of arts and sciences or a department or division within a school of arts and sciences, and
  3. A high-need LEA (local education agency.)
  • To be classified as “high-need,” the LEA must serve at least 10,000 children who are below the poverty line or must have 20 percent of the children it serves be from families below the poverty line; and
  • The LEA must have a high percentage of teachers who do not have full State certification or who do have State certification but are not teaching in the subject area or at the grade level for which they were certified.(For the purposes of TLQP grants, 3 percent or more will be considered “a high percentage.”)

Both the certification criterion and the poverty criterion must be met by the primary high-need school district partner and by 50 percent of any additional LEAs that are project partners.

Past & Present Participating School Districts

  • Salmon River Central School District
  • Hermon-Dekalb School District
  • Gouverneur Central School District
  • Massena Central School District