Repairing Permissions in OS X

Repair Permissions in OS X if you observe any of the following:

  • Your computer in general seems to be slow.  
  • You cannot edit a Folder or it's contents that you think you should be     able to.  
  • You get "permission denied", "access denied", or other errors when     installing software.  
  • You can't save a file in a location you were able to before.  

To Repair Permissions

  • Open Disk Utility located in your /Applications/Utilities/ folder.  

   Repair Permissions Start

  • The main window opens, as in the example above, make sure your hard disk     is highlighted and click the First Aid tab.  
  • Click the bottom called Repair Disk Permissions.  
  • This will take some time, a progress bar appears and if any permissions     are out of order, you'll see them corrected in the status window.  

   Repair Permissions-Done

  • Once complete you'll see the above screen. If your computer cannot Repair     Permissions or gives you some other error in the status dialog box, call     the CTS Helpdesk right away to have your computer looked at.