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Large Format Printing Policies

General Recommendations

  • A Printing Request Form (click to download) will be required of all print jobs.
  • Printing Request Forms must be signed by instructors in order to initiate printing service; no student-initiated printing will be accepted without a completed accompanying form.
  • The instructor, not staff in printing offices, will be responsible for monitoring the content of the student project to be printed.
  • Instructors who sign off on student printing will recommend which office is most appropriate for the project to be printed, and the staff in printing offices will work with signing faculty to clarify and assign jobs correctly if there are questions about the nature of a print job.
  • Printing turnaround will be 4 business days.
  • All jobs must be submitted 4 days prior to date needed.
  • Special requests will be accommodated at the discretion of the staff in the printing offices.
  • All files submitted for printing will be standardized Powerpoint, PDF, Publisher are the most common standards.
  • Users should contact staff in printing offices for additional supported formats and PDF conversion process tips.

In light of these changes and current challenges, the working group recommends that the LTEC host workshops to instruct faculty in printing formats, options, and best practices.

Printing offices and their appropriate services

College Libraries (Students Only)

  • The Libraries will be responsible for student course-related printing, comprised mainly of required, assignment-based coursework.
  • The Libraries? printing services will generally be accompanied by a poster-creation workshop provided by the Libraries staff, and a public presentation and display of the printed materials in the Libraries or elsewhere on campus.
  • Cost to students will be $2.00 per square foot (maximum $9.00 per print job).
  • Students will buy printing cards from the College Store to redeem at the Library at the time of printing.

Instructional Technology Center (ITC)

  • ITC will be responsible for student and faculty research-related printing.
  • ITC will be responsible for printing in support of faculty research, scholarship, and creative endeavors.
  • ITC will be responsible for the majority of Undergraduate Research, Presidential Scholarship projects, and faculty-student research collaborations which either occur outside of the framework of a course or are more broadly related to a student?s course of study than assignments given as coursework.
  • ITC?s printing services will be budgeted for and integrated into the existing Libraries funding streams.

Collegiate Science and Technology Program (CSTEP)

  • CSTEP provides student research poster printing services for program students’ research projects.
  • CSTEP provides printing services to CSTEP students at no cost to the student.
  • Students must submit poster in PDF format at least 3 days prior to date that poster is needed.  Requests must include final dimensions for printed poster.  CSTEP will not print multiple versions of the same poster.  Students must proof and review with faculty PRIOR to submission for printing.

Central Printing Services

  • Department and faculty course-related and general printing, such as in-class visual teaching tools, door signs, department advertising and event posters, directories, etc.
  • Contact the print shop for current pricing.