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Panopto Policies

  • Access - Access to Panopto will be provided through Moodle.  Adding the Panopto Block will give instructors permission to create/share video and audio content. If you don’t have a Moodle course for your class yet, request a course through BearPAWS. ** Staff and non-teaching faculty can request a Moodle course by contacting
  • Content Ownership - Established agreements set within university contracts will govern rights/ownership of video/audio content created using Panopto by a course’s instructor.  All other content created using Panopto is owned by SUNY Potsdam.
  • Uploads - When uploading video/audio to share, content must be uploaded to Panopto.  Media content may no longer be upload to Moodle or stored on Helios.
  • Student Assignments- Student recorded assignments must be saved for 1 year before an instructor (or the institution) may delete them.  This is true even if the Instructor has terminated employment.
  • Sharing - Panopto content may be shared with all campus users, all users within a Moodle course, specific campus users, and publicly with the world.  When sharing publicly, creators should remember that content is being hosted on a SUNY Potsdam site.  As with all content on our website, content should adhere to campus policies, guidelines, and standards.
  • Misuse - Misuse of the Panopto resource could result in loss of privileges.  All content within a user’s Panopto account must adhere to campus policies and guidelines and adhere to copyright standards.
  • Copies - As part of the recording process, Panopto creates files on the user’s local computer.  The user is responsible for managing this content including deleting and/or moving it.  In addition, standard MP4 files can be created as copies during recording. If users want copies of video/audio content for future use outside of Panopto, users must create and manage their own copies.  Copies will not be provided to users at any time by Panopto Administrators.