Printing Quotas

Student Printing Policy

Students may print up to 300 pages free-of-charge during each session (fall, spring, and summer), with the exception of winterim where it is 150 pages; this is tracked through our system of authentication (log-on). Please note when printing to a color printer, for every 1 page printed 3 are deducted from your quota. After reaching the limit of 300 free copies, there will be a charge of 5 cents per page assessed thereafter.

At the end of each semester the total bill for printing beyond the 300-page (150-page winterim) limit will be added to the user's Potsdam Student Account and must be paid, along with other college bills, to ensure course registrations, to obtain transcripts and other college services.

Automatic warning emails will be sent to students when they are approaching their 300 (150-page winterim) page quota. Once the quota has been reached, further notifications will be sent for each additional 100 pages beyond the quota.

Faculty & Staff Print Quota for Computer Labs

To ensure that student technology fee dollars are strictly reserved  for supporting our computer labs, a print quota is in place for  faculty and staff who elect to print to any of these areas.  All  faculty and staff receive a 100 free page print quota for their use  each semester and during Winterim and for summer sessions.  Unused  pages will not be rolled over from one semester to another.

When an individual exceeds their 100 page print quota, their  department will be recharged and/or invoiced at a rate of 10 cents  per page for black and white and 30 cents per page for color.

Automatic warning emails will be sent to faculty and staff when they  are approaching their 100 page quota.  Once the quota has been  reached, further notifications will be sent for each additional 75  pages beyond 100 pages.

Checking Your Print Quota

You may check the number of pages you have already printed by visiting our quota tool at

Please direct questions and comments about quotas to the Computing & Technology Services Helpdesk, email: