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F-Secure Usage

F-Secure Client Security requires almost no interaction on your part. Its virus database is updated automatically (laptop users are updated instantly when their computer gets a valid network connection.)

If F-Secure Client Security detects a virus you will see a dialog box pop up on your screen. Below are two examples, the first is if a virus is detected in an email and the second if a virus is detected on the computer:



In the first example F-Secure knew right away that the entire attachment was a virus and deleted it.

In the second example F-Secure detected a virus and is offering you a choice of what to do. Usually it is very intelligent about recommending the correct course of action. If you are unsure about doing what it is recommending, you may want to contact the Helpdesk at x2083 for assistance or email

The above was an example of a virus, however identical dialog boxes would appear if Spyware was found on your computer.

Manual Scanning

F-Secure Client Security can be run manually to scan your entire hard drive for Spyware, Viruses, or Both. (CTS recommends scanning for both.) Below is an example of scanning manually, to start right+click the F-Secure Client Security icon in your Task Bar:


Step 1: The scanning dialog box appears:


Step 2: Cleaning Choices:


Step 3: Finished: