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Setup of Mail (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)

Please note: CTS can only assist in the configuration of your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad if it has been funded in part with a stipend from SUNY Potsdam.

Mac OS X

If you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with a Mac OS X computer, the simplest method is to tell iTunes to synchronize your computer's e-mail accounts with your device. As long as the email client is configured properly on your Mac, you should be up and running with e-mail on your next sync. You may get to these settings via the Info Tab in iTunes when your device is selected.


The below example shows the Mail settings in iTunes.


You may optionally, sync your contacts as well.



CTS is currently researching methods on Windows & Thunderbird to duplicate the ease of setup that OS X offers as well as syncing your Thunderbird Contacts.

Setting Up Mail Directly On Your Device

  1. Navigate your device to Settings, and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Click Add Account...
  2. Choose Other
  3. Under Mail, choose Add Mail Account
  4. Fill in each of the fields with your information.
  5. Be sure that IMAP is selected and then setup the Incoming and Outgoing email server settings substituting your User Name and Password in the fields below.
  6. Your account information is then verified.
  7. During verification you may receive two errors concerning certificates, click Continue for each of these. Your account should be ready to use. If there are any other errors, review the steps above carefully to be sure your settings are correct.



Because many internet service providers use port 25, it is possible that when your iDevice automatically detected the port it included this one. If you have problems sending email, edit the SMTP email setting such that it uses port 465 and the authentication noted below.