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Setup of Thunderbird (Windows)

NOTE: CTS Staff typically configure/reconfigure this software on College owned computers. These instructions are provided for non-College owned computers and/or CTS Staff to reference.

  1. If you're setting up Thunderbird for the first time, the below Account Wizard should be the first thing you'll see when you open the program. If you're adding an account to an existing Thunderbird installation from within Thunderbird select Tools and then Account Settings... and finally click Add Account...Select to setup a new Email account and click Next.


  2. Enter your CCA information in the fields, see below for an example. Click Next when finished.


  3. Enter the settings as shown below. Be sure to select IMAP as the type of server! Click Next when finished.


  4. The below should be filled in for you already, click Next.


  5. You can name the account if you wish, otherwise the default is fine. Click Next.


  6. Verify your settings and click Finish, but we're not done yet...


  7. ...we now need to enable some security features. Select Tools from the menu and then Account Settings... In the Window that opens up click Server Settings. Make sure SSL is selected under Security Settings.


  8. Now click Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the left box. Then click Edit...


  9. Click the button for SSL and make sure Use name and password are checked. Click OK to close this box and then OK to close the previous box. Thunderbird should now be working with your email.