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Setup of Mail (Droid/Android OS)

Please note: CTS can only assist in the configuration of your Droid/Android OS if it has been funded in part with a stipend from SUNY Potsdam.

CTS recommends the K9 Mail client for use with your device. It is the email client that CTS configures by default and is the most compatible with our email system. Follow the instructions below for downloading and configuring the K9 Mail client.

  1. Click the Applications tab at the bottom of your screen and select Play Store.
  2. Click on the Magnifying Class icon in the upper right.
  3. Type K9 in the search box and click the Magnifying Glass icon to search.
  4. Click on K9 Mail and install it. It will prompt you to grant the App permission to access data on your device. Click Accept.
  5. It will take a few minutes to download the new e-mail client. When it finishes, open the application list and select K9 Mail.
  6. Click Next on the welcome screen, then enter your CCA information.

    A. Enter your Potsdam e-mail address in full (include
    B. Enter your password. Click Next.

  7. Enter the incoming server settings.

    A. Enter your username e.g. joejd
    B. Enter your password.
    C. Enter
    D. Choose SSL (always)
    E. Choose PLAIN
    F. 993

    Click Next.

  8. Click Accept Key to accept the certificate.
  9. Enter the outgoing server settings.

    A. Enter
    B. Select SSL (always)
    C. Enter 465
    D. Check Require sign-in.
    E. Select PLAIN
    Enter your username e.g. joejd
    G. Enter your password

    Click Next.

  10. Leave these settings as is. Click Next.
  11. Almost done!

    A. Enter a name for your account e.g. Potsdam
    B. Enter your full name.

    Click Done.