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Anti-Virus Protection

E-Mail Antivirus

CTS currently provides pre-delivery scanning of e-mail for known computer viruses.

Virus Detection

Virus scanning prevents SUNY Potsdam e-mail users from receiving or sending e-mail that contains a known computer virus. The headers of e-mail messages will mention "" as well as "X-Virus-Scanned: SUNY Potsdam (Amavis)". This is normal and not a cause for concern.

E-mail messages found to be "infected" will not be returned to the sender, and the message will not be forwarded to the intended recipient(s).

This service may not "catch" viruses or malicious programs not identified by our anti-virus provider. As such, users are still advised to distrust e-mail attachments that may contain viruses. Also, using e-mail accounts outside of the "" space such as or may not provide such protections.
Attachment Blocking

In an effort to further protect the SUNY Potsdam community from zero-day infections, we have implemented an attachment ban list. E-mail messages containing attachments with the banned file extension will be automatically discarded. No notice will be sent. The current extension list is: com, bat, pif, vbs, cpl, scr, hta and may change as needed. Additionally, all password-protected archives are dropped.