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Adding a printer in Windows 7/8/10

Before you begin, if you are connected with a wireless internet connection you must add your printer with your computer connected physically to the network with a network cable. Once setup is complete, you may resume using wireless.

  1. Using the Searchfrom the Start Menu, type: \\lorax2
  2. The available list of network printers will appear. Find the printer/copier you wish to add, right+click it and choose Connect...
  3. Your computer will connect to the printer/copier, download available drivers if possible, and add it to your computer. When the below box goes away, the device should be ready for use.

Printing With Personally Owned Computers

It is possible to use your personal laptop to print to a public (lab) printer if you have a Campus Computer Account. You will be billed the normal fee for any over printing in these areas the same as if you were using a College computer.

You will only be able to print if you are connected via wired or W@SP in an academic building, or if you are using a VPN connection.

Follow the instructions provided below to setup a public printer. During one of the steps in the setup, you will be asked for your CCA username and password. You will likely have to enter your username as POTSDAM\username. So, for example, doe99 would enter your username as POTSDAM\doe99. Further, if Windows is unable to add the printer because it cannot be found, you may have to path it with the full Domain name, in our example below it would be \\\KEL120 A list of public printers can be found by clicking here.

Finally, if your computer is unable to find the driver for a specific model, you will need to visit the manufacturer's web page, download, and install it.