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About your new computer (Win)

Important FAQs About Your New Computer (Windows)

Mail: Your new computer comes with the newest version of Mozilla Thunderbird. It has many advanced features and will be the default Windows Email program of SUNY Potsdam for all new users. If you are currently a Eudora user we've imported your mail and settings to ThunderBird. Your addresses have been imported into Thunderbirds address book as well. Further, we've setup your account to utilize IMAP to synchronize your email with the email server. This means if you're a web mail user with BearMail, your email will always be synchronize in both places.

Microsoft Update: Windows is set to automatically install updates, however, from time to time you will see an icon in your system tray alerting you that updates are available to install. These updates occur often and are necessary to ensure that your computer is protected against new viruses and bug exploits. Double-click the icon to begin installing updates. Follow the on-screen instructions to install them. You may also email the CTS helpdesk at if you have questions about any of these updates.

Web Browsers: Firefox has been installed as your default web-browser. Because on on-going security issues with Internet Explorer, CTS officially supports this as your default browser.

Virus Software: We've installed F-Secure. Your computer will contact our antivirus server and check for new virus definitions and automatically download, update, and install them. The computer will watch for incoming viruses while you work. Manual scanning for spy-ware and ad-ware may be necessary if your computer begins acting slow. You can do this by right clicking on the F-Secure icon in the system tray and choosing Virus & Spy Protection followed by Perform Full Computer Check.

Account Privileges: As the current user of the computer you have been given administrative rights to it. This allows you to install new software and peripherals like printers and scanners. However this privilege is a double edged sword. While it allows you to add and remove software and peripherals it also allows you to remove crucial system files or install malicious software that will cause your PC to become inoperable. Extra caution must be taken when deleting and installing items. If you are unsure of what they do. If you have any questions about files feel free to email