VPN on Android/iOS


Due to the large variations of Android devices, operating systems, and possible VPN clients, the information below is somewhat generic, but should be enough to get you connected with us.

VPN Server: vpn.potsdam.edu


Encryption: 128bit (or best available)


  1. Choose Settings on your iOS device. The settings screen as shown below opens (the layout will be different depending on the iOS device.) Tap the General option, then select VPN, and then Add VPN Configuration...


  2. Fill in the settings as follows (screen shown below for reference):

    • Tap PPTP as the VPN type.
    • Server: vpn.potsdam.edu
    • Account: your CCA
    • RSA SecurID: toggle off (default setting)
    • Password: your password
    • Encryption Level: Auto
    • Send All Traffic: toggle on (default setting)
    • Proxy: Off (default setting)


  3. Once setup is complete, you can toggle VPN on or off as needed from the VPN section in General Settings.


VPN Passthru: most home wireless routers have or have added in their latest firmware a specific option to "allow VPN passthru". Unfortunately, most of the time this option is disabled. You will need to connect to your router and enable this for VPN to work. If there is more than one option, enable the option for PPTP VPN Passthru. Consult your router's manual or the manufacturer's website for detailed instructions.

Protocol 43/GRE Issues: Some home routers do not support Protocol 43/GRE PPTP passthrough which our VPN service requires. If you bypass your router and find that you are able to connect, check with the manufacturer of your router for a firmware update.