VPN on Windows XP

Creating a new VPN Connection:

  1. Select the Start menu  
  2. Choose Control Panel  
  3. Select Network Connections panel  
  4. Create A New Connection  
  5. Next button  
  6. Connect to the network at my workplace  
  7. Virtual Private Network Connection  
  8. Company Name: You can name the connection however you want. We'll say "Potsdam" as an example.  
  9. Do not dial the initial connection  
  10. hostname should be set to vpn.potsdam.edu  
  11. Create this connection for should be set to Anyone's use  
  12. Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop should be checked for convenience  
  13. For username and password use your CCA.  
  14. You may now use this shortcut to Connect and Disconnect from VPN at will.

    vpn on windows xp

    vpn on windows xp


VPN Passthru: most home wireless routers have or have added in their latest firmware a specific option to "allow VPN passthru". Unfortunately, most of the time this option is disabled. You will need to connect to your router and enable this for VPN to work. If there is more than one option, enable the option for PPTP VPN Passthru. Consult your router's manual or the manufacturer's website for detailed instructions.

Protocol 43/GRE Issues: Some home routers do not support Protocol 43/GRE PPTP passthrough which our VPN service requires. If you bypass your router and find that you are able to connect, check with the manufacturer of your router for a firmware update.