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Using the Wireless Projection Drivers

Panasonic Wireless Projector Drivers

Several Projection Classrooms contain wireless projection equipment for use with laptops that support the 802.11a/b/g/n wireless standards. There are several considerations before downloading and using the software below:

  • CTS only supports college owned computers. No support is provided for installing, troubleshooting, or usage of student computers and this software. CTS is not liable for any damage this software causes to your computer or operating system.

  • In almost all cases, using a wireless projector will not allow simaltenous use of wireless internet (W@SP).

  • Since this is new, and sometimes fickle, technology, plan ahead! Arrive in the classroom early and test your configuration to ensure that it works. Have a "plan B" in the event of problems.

  • The below software is only downloadable while you're on the potsdam administrative side of campus (not the residence halls!)

Windows Download (187MB)

  1. Once downloaded expand the zip file to the destination of your choice.

  2. Enter the Panasonic Projector directory and then the EasyInstall directory.

  3. Double-click the Easy_Inst.exe to run the installation program.

  4. At the main menu you can install the Wireless Manager ME 3.0, do so.

  5. Optional: most versions of Windows XP have the latest DirectX. If you're running Windows 2000 you will probably want to install the DirectX 9.0c. Be sure that you do not have a newer version before doing so!

  6. Once installed you should click Operating Instructions to learn how to use the software/projector.

Apple Download (1.6MB)

  1. Once downloaded expand the zip file, it will expand to a .dmg on your desktop.

  2. Double-click the .dmg file to mount the Disk Image.

  3. Run the Panason Installer contained within the Disk Image and follow the prompts to install it.

  4. Once it is installed you can find the Wireless Manager in your Applications folder. The built in help of the program contains instructions on how to use the software/projector.