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Current Students

A Commitment to your Experience

We think about your graduate experience holistically. Your graduate experience, and the benefits that go along with it extend beyond the walls of the classroom. In addition to supporting your work in the degree program, the Center for Graduate Studies serves as a tremendous resource in crafting an experience that assists you in going beyond for a lifelong career. We view this support as a relationship with each graduate student. As a one stop-shop, we take your experience seriously from the moment you inquire with us.

Examples of our commitment to you come in many ways.

Here are a few:

  • Funding for research or professional engagement endeavors
  • Scheduling workshops and guest speakers to compliment your academic work
  • Providing networking opportunities with classmates and the community
  • Offering dedicated space and resources to you in the graduate student lounge and resource area


Potsdam is truly dedicated to providing a memorable experience at the graduate level. Networking with classmates, attending specialized events and partnering with the Center for Graduate Studies on shaping my experience goes above and beyond what I expected when I applied to Potsdam. Positively amazing!

Joseph Heindl '15
Curriculum and Instruction