We are excited to learn that you will be joining the Graduate community at Potsdam.  As you have viewed within your confirmation packet, Graduate Studies has planned out a formal onboarding process for you through our online content delivery program known as "Moodle."  You must complete this course to remove your registration hold.

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is a term that refers to the wealth of important information we need to share with you to support your transition into graduate education.  This information is comprised of important program information, academic procedures related to registration, information about Potsdam, services available to you, and more! 

Below is the link to your onboarding page.  To login, you will need your campus computer account (CCA) information that was mailed to you within your confirmation packet.  Note: If you were a Potsdam undergraduate, or attended Potsdam at anytime, you will already have an account.  If your account is inactive, please visit account.potsdam.edu to request that your password be reset.  As always, contact Graduate Studies (315) 267-2543 or by e-mail at gradstudies@potsdam.edu) for additional support.

Begin My Onboarding Course