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Policies and Procedures

Ticket Confirmation:

  • Riders will be contacted via email to confirm their ticket purchase.

Bus Assignment:

  • Prior to departure, all riders will receive notification via email of their bus assignment and departure time.Riders will not be assigned specific seat on the bus.

Arrival and Boarding:

  • Students are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of their assigned departure time.Buses will depart at their scheduled time.Riders who arrive after departure time may not be accommodated on later buses.
  • Riders are required to check in with Bear Bus staff upon arrival at the departure site and present their confirmation email and a valid student ID matching the name on the ticket.Upon check-in, riders will receive a paper ticket for their assigned bus.
  • When announced by staff, boarding of the bus will take place.Riders must present their ticket in order to board the bus.

Seat Saving:

  • Riders are not allowed to save seats for fellow travelers.If you wish to sit with a friend assigned to your bus, please make sure to get in line together and board together. Bear Bus cannot guarantee that riders will be able to sit together.

Luggage Requirements:

  • Each rider is allowed one checked bag and one carry-on bag.
  • Reasonably-sized purses and backpacks are not counted as carry-ons but must be able to fit on the rider’s lap for the duration of the trip.
  • Due to space constraints, checked luggage may not exceed 62 total inches (length + width + height) and 75 pounds in weight.
  • All bags must be tagged with rider’s name and phone number.
  • Students who arrive with additional bags or bags that exceed the size limits will not be allowed to stow bags or board the bus until they are able to meet the above requirements.Failure to adhere to baggage rules may result in cancellation of your ticket.
  • Plastic totes, open crates, and trunks are not allowed on the bus.
  • Bear bus is not responsible for luggage damaged during the trip.

Musical Instruments:

  • Instruments small enough to be carried on the bus can be carried on.These instruments will be considered the rider’s carry-on bag.
  • Instruments too large to fit in the overhead storage must be checked under the bus and will count as the rider’s checked luggage.
  • Riders travelling with instruments too large or too fragile to place under the bus must purchase a ticket for their instrument if they wish to transport it inside the bus.

Entry/Exit from the Bus:

  • Once a rider has been checked onto their assigned bus, they must remain on the bus until departure.There are restroom facilities in Knowles and on the bus.Students should purchase their food and drinks and use the restroom prior to boarding.


  • Riders are expected to treat their fellow passengers, Bear Bus Staff, and drivers with respect at all times.Failure to do so may result in cancellation of ticket and/or banning from future Bear Bus trips.
  • Riders are expected to comply with all reasonable requests made by staff and/or drivers.
  • Complaints about the behavior of passengers, staff, or drivers may be made in writing to the Bear Bus office (128 Sisson).


  • Due to the closed environment of our buses and in recognition of the allergy needs of riders, pets are not allowed on the Bear Bus.

Special Needs:

  • Riders with special needs must contact the Bear Bus Office at least a week prior to departure to coordinate accommodations.
  • Riders with food allergies should inform the Bear Bus office if they require a buffer zone.

Failure to follow any of the above policies will result in cancellation of your ticket and may result in a ban from future Bear Bus trips.