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Events presented and/or sponsored by the Center for Creative Instruction (CCI) on the SUNY Potsdam Campus.

Support for Open Educational Resources at SUNY Potsdam

Making the Most of Library-Related Assignments and Activities

Using online forums to improve discussions

Online Course Approval Process

Build your presentation powerfully!


Presentation Process (3Ps) -Guidelines-.pdf

Presentation Process (3Ps) -Just-The-Nuts-And-Bolts-.pdf

Template- PowerPoint Presentation (Script).docx

Making the Most of Library-Related Assignments and Activities

Designing Library Research Assignments (link to Library resources)

Poster Design - The Basics for Success

Check List - Poster Design (PDF)

How to set the size of your poster in PowerPoint (Video)

More Poster Design YouTube Videos

Order Rating Video Time
1 5 Making a better research poster 3:53
2 4 Research Poster Design Tutorial / Layout 11:43
3 5 How to Present an Academic Research Poster 5:00
4 4 Design Tips & Tricks: Posters 11:25
5 3 Creating an Effective Poster Presentation 6:31
6 3 Scientific Poster Design - Good and Bad Examples! (Poster Tutorial Part 2) 10:55
7 3 Producing an Academic Poster 18:58
8 3 How to Prepare for a Poster Presentation 18:15


Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter

It's All About the Vitamins: The Biology of Skin Color, Race,
and Ethnicity

Broadening your Classroom: Using Skype, Facetime, and

Grand Opening - Ribbon Cutting

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