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Facul-TE Funding

Important Notice!

Facul-TE Award funding is now eligible for summer projects!  However, as all 2016-17 funding has been spent, we can only accept applications for projects in the next fiscal year (projects starting on or after July 1, 2017).  Please carefully read the new rules, policies, and procedures below for details!

The Facul-TE Awards (maximum $500) are intended to support faculty teaching excellence projects directly related to professional development in improving teaching and learning.  All faculty, including adjunct faculty, are eligible to apply.

Primary Award Criteria:

The proposed project must be clearly conducive to the improvement of teaching and/or active learning strategies in the classroom and college environment.  Funds may be used for participating at workshops or conferences, online faculty development courses, as well as sponsoring on-campus workshops or speakers for faculty.  Funds for purchasing equipment and supplies are not eligible.

Award Policies:

  • Awardees are encouraged to share the knowledge and skills gained from the Facul-TE project with the campus community.  The CCI will happily sponsor a workshop or event facilitated by the awardee or can video record a brief interview with the awardee regarding the project.
  • Starting with the 2017-18 award cycle, faculty may only receive this award in alternate fiscal years.  In other words, if you were awarded Facul-TE award funds for the 2017-18 fiscal year, you would not be eligible for funding in the 2018-19 fiscal year.  
  • The annual Facul-TE Award allocation will be split into three equal pools of funds.
  • Unused funds will be reallocated to a subsequent portion of the same fiscal year.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a committee of CCI Board members.
  • Funding will be allocated to the fiscal year in which the funds are spent.  (The fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.)  
    • Should your project include a component that bridges fiscal years, such as a hotel expense from June 29 – July 2, the fiscal year is determined by the start date of that expense.

How to Apply:

Be sure to read all College purchasing and travel reimbursement procedures before completing your Facul-TE application, as these policies must be followed (  Questions regarding travel policies/procedures can be directed to Purchasing & Payables (315) 267-2140.

Faculty must apply for funds based on the date of their project following the table and steps outlined below.

Application Accepted

For Activities Between

May 10-26 for this year

(May 1-15 in 2018)

July - October

Sept. 1-15

November - February

Jan. 1-15

March - June

  1. Download and complete the Facul-TE Application form (select the download button if necessary).
  2. Download and complete a Travel Requisition form.
  3. Email completed Facul-TE Application Form, Travel requisition, and supporting documentation to by the deadline listed in the table.
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