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SUNY Potsdam Education Students Inspired by Best Practices in Teaching Seminar

Education Students Inspired by Best Practices in Teaching Seminar


Education students participate in teaching seminar.

Twelve students majoring in education recently participated in the Best Practices in Teaching Seminar, "Keys to Effective Teaching." The Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) and the School of Education and Professional Studies sponsored the event.

Carol Rossi-Fries, a clinical faculty member at the School of Education and Professional Studies and former social studies teacher at A.A. Kingston Middle School, Potsdam, who was the 2003 New York State Teacher of the Year, presented this engaging and interactive seminar. Through the use of illustrated instructional guidelines, handouts, discussions, demonstrations of artifacts and modeling, Rossi-Fries involved participants in learning the elements, principles and strategies of the Effective Teaching model.

Participants engaged in cooperative learning exercises using Bloom's Taxonomy and the CRAFTS writing strategy designed to give students choice and focus.They practiced techniques for managing student time, providing useful feedback, and engaging students in novel learning experiences.The participants, many of whom are currently in practicum or student teaching placements, examined the importance of chunking instruction, checking for understanding at proper intervals, and using serial positioning to aid students' retention of information.

TOC is funded by SUNY Potsdam and New York State Education Department's Teacher Development Programs Unit. To learn more about the Teacher Opportunity Corps at SUNY Potsdam, visit

Front Row: Stephanie LaShomb, Kayla Grant, Jill Byington, mannequin of Civil War spy Rose Greenhow, Misu Kwon, Kimberly Wilcox

Back Row: Kathryn Lentini, Samantha Clena, Krista Metz, Victoria Hamilton, Katie Schrader, Toni Epprecht, Robert Leabo, Carol Rossi-Fries (presenter)

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