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Unannounced Paycheck Payout for Regular State Employees

Unannounced Paycheck Payout for Regular State Employees


In accordance with standing NYS/OSC payroll audit guidelines an unannounced paycheck payout must be conducted periodically. A paycheck payout requires that State employees pick up their own paycheck, show proper ID and sign a certification form. The purpose of this procedure is to reasonably ensure that paychecks are issued to bona fide employees of the College through personal pick up and employee verification. The employee will not be given advance notice of the payout.

The procedure will encompass all types of payroll distributions: a) direct deposit; b) distribution by mail; c) personal pick up; d) batched (departmental representative) pick up and remote paycheck distribution.

Direct deposit will not be interrupted. The audit procedure will be satisfied by the employee signing for the check stub (employee statement of salary and deductions) only. Distribution by mail will not be interrupted; however, a signature certification by the employee will be required to be returned by mail. Any questions, please call Purchasing & Payables at x2140.

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