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Andrew K. Ha, Faculty Excellence

Andrew K. Ha, Faculty Excellence


2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century

Professor Andrew K. Ha (Curriculum and Instruction) has been selected as one of "2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century" by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. Andrew Ha's selection to be included in the 8th edition of this prestigious publication will be due for release in mid 2014. Only two thousand intellectuals can be featured from across the world. It goes without saying that copies will be housed in the leading libraries of the world including the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and the British Library in London.

Professor Ha has also taken up the appointment as one of the Deputy Directors General at the IBC (International Biographical Centre). Deputy Directors General are divided up into the five main regions of the world: U.S.A., the Americas (including Canada, Latin America and the West Indies), Africa, Asia (including the Middle and Far East) and Europe.

Professor Andrew K. Ha will represent his region of the world as Deputy Director General of the IBC for the United States of America.

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Alexandra Jacobs Wilke, Office of Public Affairs, (315) 267-2918