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Recipients of the Spring Travel Award to St. Petersburg, Russia

Recipients of the Spring Travel Award to St. Petersburg, Russia


The SUNY Russia Programs Network (RPN) is pleased to announce the winners of the Spring Travel Award to St. Petersburg, Russia, for SUNY Faculty in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Each award winner will travel independently to St. Petersburg, Russia, in the Spring of 2014, to provide approximately one week of lectures and pro-seminars (in English) at St. Petersburg State University and other secondary institutions.

The awardees are:

Derek C. Maus, Associate Professor, Department of English and Communication, SUNY College at Potsdam. Professor Maus, the author of Unvarnishing Reality: Subversive American and Russian Satire During the Cold War, has nearly two decades of experience in making scholarly comparisons between the literature of Russia and that of the United States. His lectures will touch upon a diverse and frequently international assortment of contexts and subjects within the inherently interdisciplinary topic of satire.

Steven M. Schneider, professor and chair of the Department of Communication and Humanities, and Coordinator of the Communication & Information Design program, at the SUNY Institute of Technology. Professor Schneider's scholarly career has focused on Internet studies and Web archiving, with a more recent turn to include an exploration of hypertextuality. He will be offering lectures that intersect with interdisciplinary topics in Cultural Studies, Media/Film Studies, and History and Political Science.

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