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Department of Anthropology Faculty/Staff Excellence

Department of Anthropology Faculty Excellence


Dr Nasser Malit (anthropology) is a contributing author on a paper in the March 2014 volume of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology entitled "Additional mandibles of Rangwapithecus gordoni, an early Miocene catarrhine from the Tinderet localities of Western Kenya."

The paper describes and provides important new information on the dental and mandibular morphology of the species. The report also presents the complete hypodigm of R. gordoni, as well as reassesses the attribution of other materials to this taxon based on the morphology of the well-preserved fossils excavated from two Miocene localities in Kenya by Dr Malit and his coauthor Dr Isaiah Nengo of De Anza College, Cupertino, CA.

Media contact:

Alexandra Jacobs Wilke, Office of Public Affairs, (315) 267-2918