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Message from the Admissions Open House Committee

Message from the Admissions Open House Committee


The Office of Admissions would like to thank the entire campus for participating in our Spring Open House events this year. We had over 1,000 people on campus. Thanks to all the effort you put in, without your support, we would not have the amazing program that we do.

I wanted to share a couple quotes from the evaluations: one person said, ?Honestly the best open house I have been to! Most are short and don't really show off the campus, but I have to say that Potsdam blew me away! Amazing job!? Another person said, ?I absolutely love the atmosphere at SUNY Potsdam. I can't wait to attend in the fall.?

Thanks again for all of your efforts!

Upcoming Admissions Open House Events

Fall 2014

Saturdays: September 27, October 18 & November 8

Spring 2015

Saturdays: March 28 Decision Day, April 18 Decision Day/Junior Preview Day

Have a great summer!

Media contact:

Alexandra Jacobs Wilke, Office of Public Affairs, (315) 267-2918