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SUNY Potsdam Fall Electronic Check-In Process for Registered Students

SUNY Potsdam Fall Electronic Check-In Process for Registered Students


SUNY Potsdam's Electronic Check-In process for all registered students will begin on Monday, Aug. 12. Students will be asked whether or not they plan to attend for the Fall 2013 semester when they sign in to BearPAWS. The purpose of the Check-In is to confirm student attendance as well as to remind students of their financial responsibility and the proper procedures to take if they decide to leave the college. It also frees up more class seats for students who will be attending.

Please note that all students registered for a class at the college need to check-in, including those who are student teaching, participating in off-campus internships, studying abroad, taking an on-line course or attending at a remote site such as Watertown or Ottawa. This process also includes staff members taking a course, whether cross-registered or on-campus.

An email will be sent to all registered students on Monday, Aug. 12, informing them of the Check-In procedure. A follow-up email will be sent on August 26 to all non-responders. The deadline for registered students to complete the Check-In process will be Friday, Sept. 6. Registered students who have not checked in by the deadline will have an All-Services Hold placed on their records, which can only be removed by the office responsible for their student type.

If you have questions about the Electronic Check-In process, please contact one of the offices below:

Registrar's Office, 267-2154 at

Graduate Studies Office, 267-2543 at

Extended Education Office, 267-2590 at

Student Success Center, 267-2580 at

Media contact:

Alexandra Jacobs Wilke, Office of Public Affairs, (315) 267-2918