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School of Education and Professional Studies Seminar Series

The School of Education & Professional Studies Seminar Series


The School of Education & Professional Studies Seminar Series: Disciplined Inquiry in Education presents Gerald Ratliff at noon on Sept. 4 in the 2nd floor of the Literacy Center. De-Mystifying the myth: Publish or Perish

Abstract: Frequent and numerous publication of scholarly articles and books has been a rather traditional indicator of a scholar's academic expertise and talent and, coincidentally, a sponsoring institution's primary academic recognition in some instances. Although the unhealthy pressure to publish or perish continues to influence major research universities, there is a more promising movement forward in undergraduate higher education that recognizes and values the scholarship of teaching. This interactive session will explore the myth of publish or perish and identify relevant publication sources related to instructional practices.

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Alexandra Jacobs Wilke, Office of Public Affairs, (315) 267-2918