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Faculty/Staff Noontime Swim

Faculty/Staff Noontime Swim


Please join us for the faculty/staff noon swim in Merritt. If you are interested, contact Carol Franck to be added to the email list. Here is how the noon swim works:

The Merritt pool is generally available while classes are in session from noon to 1 p.m. on Monday through Friday for Faculty/Staff lap swimming or exercises.

The pool is heated.

There is a modest sliding fee (depends on how often you intend to swim, from $20 to $50/semester) to help defray the cost of paying the lifeguard. Additional information is sent to those who express an interest in participating.

Swimmers enter through the pool entrance (near the PACES business office window) to get to the locker rooms; we keep the hallway doors to the locker rooms secured during the swim.

You will need to bring your swim materials with you as there are no available lockers in the locker room at this time.

Up to seven swimmers at a time can do laps with each one having a single lane or half-lane to themselves. Eight or more swimmers requires us to start sharing lanes and circling.

We have a great variety of swimming and exercise levels present in the pool. Whatever your current level, you are welcome and will find like-swimmers.

You are welcome for the whole hour, or for a small portion. A number of people come for only 15 minutes in the pool. Every minute counts!

For further information, contact Carol Franck or drop by during the swim. Hope to see you there.

Media contact:

Alexandra Jacobs Wilke, Office of Public Affairs, (315) 267-2918