Resource Transparency

Comments from faculty, staff, and students during the two year planning cycle made it clear that the college community wanted more information regarding the distribution of resources within the College.

The result from this feedback as well as a recommendation from the Core Group (during the Visioning Refocused Process) was the creation of the Resource Transparency Committee (RTC).

The RTC completed its work and submitted a report to the Faculty Senate (Click here to view the RTC Final Report.) This Web site was created by the RTC to facilitate the communication of information regarding the distribution of resources on Campus. Management of the site now falls within the charge of the Business Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate (BAC).

Administrative personnel of the College and members of the BAC have agreed that the site should move beyond the presentation of raw data; the BAC expects to provide annotations and FAQs, and to solicit suggestions for improvement of the site from the College community. The goal is to make available all appropriate and relevant information, in a format that furthers the understanding of resource distribution.

View the Allocation of Resources
To view the allocation of resources, please select a fiscal year from the options presented below and follow the associated threads.


-If you click the maroon triangle to the left of an office (e.g. President), the names of the offices that report to that title will appear.

-To view the budget sheet for a particular office, click on the office title itself.

The allocation of resources is through individual accounts. The threads follow, as closely as possible, the organizational chart for the College. Some inconsistencies may exist when an office listed on the organizational chart is not responsible for a campus account.

Note: The following documents are accessible only by ON CAMPUS computers. To access these documents externally you must utilize SUNY Potsdam's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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