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Team Challenge

Team Challenge is Almost Over!  This is the Final Week!

Special recognition for Week 4 (Mar. 20 - 24) will be: 

* The Donor who puts us over our goal of 225 donors

* The Team who puts us over our goal of 225 donors.

Results from Week 3:

Team Crumb & Libraries leads in participation 

Team Student Support Offices leads in increasing donors. 

Our very special 200th donor was Amanda Grazioso, of “Team Student Support Offices.” 

At least seven donors gave $20.17 for the first time ever or “in awhile”!

How Team Challenge works, beginning February 27:

This fun competition divides all campus employees into nine campus Teams, a little differently this year from past years. Your Team’s score goes up when you make your personal gift , or when you increase your giving over last year.

Two ways your Team can win:

  • your Team finishes with the highest percentage of donors by March 24; or
  • your Team has the highest percentage of donors who have increased their annual giving by March 24

The two top all-around winners will be crowned for Team Challenge 2017.

The nine Teams also compete in divisions, and a winner will be announced in each:

  • Division A: Administration and Arts & Sciences 
  • Division B: Physical Plant and PACES  
  • Division C: Crane, Education & Professional Studies and Student Support Offices 
  • Division D: Athletics and Crumb & Libraries