Team Challenge

Team Challenge 2014

Team Challenge 2014 has been exciting, generated fun and interest, and done a great deal for our students and the College!  Thanks to all who spread the word, made a gift and/or increased their giving.  Your generosity and pride shone through this spring.


We are happy to announce our winners:

  1. In the first category of donors on their team, Libraries wins with 54.5% of their employees being donors to the College!

  1. In the second category of donors on their team increasing, Physical Plant wins with 88.9% of their donors increasing their giving!

Final Team Results

Team % Participation
% Donors Increasing
Arts & Sciences
(Kim Bouchard, Roberta Greene, Arlene Stillwell, Jan Trybula)
26.9% 53.6%
(Tanya Hewitt, Jamey Hoose)
28.6% 75.0%
(Karen Miller, Lorelei Murdie)
41.8% 69.6%
Education & Professional Studies
(Ada Santaferra, Tina Bush, Don Straight)
36.4% 62.8%
(Nancy Alzo)
54.5% 58.3%
(Sue Randall)
5.2% 30.0%
Physical Plant
(Wendy Horton, Parker Piercey)
5.1% 88.9%
Student Affairs
(Annette Robbins, Alex Allen, Katie Newcomb, Gena Nelson)
32.9% 65.4%
All Remaining Administration
(Melissa Evans, Jan DiTullio)
33.8% 35.3%

SUNY Potsdam Grand Total




Also, we wish to thank the members of the Annual Giving Group who helped plan and execute Team Challenge 2014:

Co-Chairs:  Jan Trybula and Tanya Hewitt

Group members:  Alex Allen, Nancy Alzo, Kim Bouchard, Tina Bush, Jan Ditullio, Melissa Evans, Roberta Greene, Jamey Hoose, Wendy Horton, Karen Miller, Lorelei Murdie, Gena Nelson, Katie Newcomb, Parker Piercey, Sue Randall, Annette Robbins, Ada Santaferra, Arlene Stillwell, and Don Straight.

This Group kept the campus updated abou the pgoress of Team Challenge 2014, answered questions from colleagues, hung posters, and distributed flyers in their areas.  They also acted as enthusiastic liaisons within their respective Teams.  They were tireless, and their work is much appreciated.

Thank you to Melissa Evans for making website updates.  Thank you to Gena Nelson for her Excel wizardry.  Thank you to Roberta Greene for coordinating Reporter updates.  Thank you to Alex Allen for permission to display Team Challenge posters on campus.