Team Challenge

It. Is. On!  Now through April 3, 2015

You are the energy that makes Team Challenge 2015 so exciting! It's about giving back to the College. It's special.

Team Challenge is your chance to make your annual gift to the College and to ensure that your personal giving this year increases over last year's.

The concept of Team Challenge 2015 is that we are divided into nine campus Teams in a fun and friendly competition. New this year, those Teams are also competing in three "Divisions" based on size, and a winner will be announced from each one:

  • Division A, larger Teams: Administration, Arts & Sciences, and PACES
  • Division B, mid-size Teams: Crane, Education & Professional Studies, and Physical Plant
  • Division C, smaller Teams: Athletics, Libraries, and Student Affairs

And we still will have two overall winners of Team Challenge 2015, like last year.

To win:

  • your Team needs to finish with the highest percentage of donors by April 3; or
  • your Team needs to have the highest percentage of donors who have increased their annual giving by April 3

Team Challenge dares us to compete with our gifts and make a difference! Thank you, and have fun!

Campus Annual Giving Group Co-Chairs: Jan Trybula, Tanya Hewitt

Team % Participation
(as of 3/30/15)
% Donors Increasing
(over '13-'14)
Susan Kirwan, Patrick Massaro, Carol Rourke
26.07% 43.64%
Arts & Sciences
Kim Bouchard, Roberta Greene, Viki Levitt, Arlene Stillwell, (Jan)
21.13% 29.27%
Sue Randall
24.06% 88.89%
Peter McCoy, Karen Miller, Lorelei Murdie
34.34% 44.12%
Education & Professional Studies
Tina Bush, Ada Santaferra, Don Straight
25.62% 25.81%
Physical Plant
Tracy Atkinson, Wendy Horton, Parker Piercey
3.53% 66.67%
Mark Misiak, (Tanya)
23.68% 44.44%
Nancy Alzo


Student Affairs
Alex Allen, Gena Nelson, Sean Partridge, Annette Robbins



Donors and Increasers by Percent, as of March 30, 2015




Team Challenge Image