I Want to Increase My Annual Giving

Thank you for giving already during fiscal year 2013-2014 (which began July 1, 2013).  You may make an additional gift of any size to play a role during Team Challenge 2014!

You may make an additional one-time gift, or give over time using any of the following ways:
  • Your personal check made out to Potsdam College Foundation: drop your gift in Campus Mail, to Potsdam College Foundation, Raymond 505.  Be sure to print and fill out a pledge form to send over with your gift.
  • Your credit card:  All four major cards are accepted.  Give online right now, just like that.
  • Payroll deduction, spreading your gift among your annual number of paychecks:
    • State employees, fill out an easy form to increase your deduction.
    • PACES employees, using the pledge form, type "PACES" after your name in the blank and then fill our the remainder of the form.
    • (Unfortunately, Research Foundation employees cannot give via payroll deduction.)
  • PayPal:  Convenient and online.
  • And any gift you make can be made in honor of someone special to you.