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How do I give my gift for this year?


Thank you! Make your gift to any area of the College.

You can make a one-time gift, or spread your gift over time using any of the following ways...

  • Your credit card: Give online in a matter of minutes
  • Payroll deduction, spreading your gift among your annual number of paychecks:
  • State employees, fill out an easy form.
  • PACES employees, using the pledge form, type "PACES" after your name in the name blank and then fill out the remainder of the form.
  • (Unfortunately, Research Foundation employees cannot give via payroll deduction; please consider making scheduled gifts via credit card, above)
  • Your personal check made out to Potsdam College Foundation: drop your gift in Campus Mail, to Potsdam College Foundation, Raymond 505. Be sure to print and fill out a pledge form to send over with your gift.

Any gift you make can be made in honor or in memory of someone special to you.

Please make your gift now and please encourage your teammates to make their gifts.