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Why We Give (Testimonials)

Learn Why Campus Annual Giving Group Members Give to SUNY Potsdam

  • Tanya Hewitt: "Each piece of the Potsdam experience contributes to the development of the student as an individual and future professional. ...My family and I spend a large portion of our time on campus. We are so touched by our co-workers and continually impressed with the positive impact our students have on the Potsdam community. It seems a natural response to offer support in return."
  • Arlene Stillwell: "I donate to the Psychology Department because it directly benefits my students and my colleagues."
  • Mark Misiak: "I feel compelled to give back to a place that has given me so much. The experiences I've had here and the friendships I've made are things that I cherish very much. My contribution is just my way of saying thanks."
  • Viki Levitt: "I'm happy to participate in Team Challenge every year, but especially now, because I know that my contribution helps to support campus programs and services that enhance our students' educational experiences through such things as conference travel or program support that might be greatly reduced during a budget crunch. Plus, I want to be on the winning team this year!"
  • Tim Morse: “Our students show great determination to succeed, but often struggle to fund their education. Giving is a great opportunity for us to help on both fronts!”
  • Oscar Sarmiento: “I give to help students study abroad and contribute to my department’s well-being.”