Why Give (Testimonials)

Learn Why Campus Annual Giving Group Members Give to SUNY Potsdam

  • Gena Nelson:  "Even though I'm not an alumna, this campus has been my home for 14 years.  I have been welcomed and encouraged as I continue to grow and find my place.  Potsdam has taken care of me more than my own alma mater, and I give to show my appreciation to the College."
  • Tanya Hewitt:  I support the college for a variety of professional and personal reasons.  Each day I have the privilege to interact with students whose lives are changes as a result of their time here.  Whether it's participation in our great programs or a faculty member going out of their way to help, each piece of the Potsdam experience contributes to the development of the student as an individual and future professional.  ...My family and I spend a large portion of our time on campus.  We are so touched by our co-workers and continually impressed with the positive impact our students have on the Potsdam community.  It seems a natural response to offer support in return."
  • Melissa Evans: “Betty Reese said, ‘If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.’ I give because … for me, the gesture lets people know I believe in the mission of SUNY Potsdam [and] I want to help students succeed… I have no doubt, much like that mosquito, my gift is effective.”
  • Parker Piercey: “I feel that by giving a small amount back to the College, I have greater peace of mind.…”
  • "Why I Give," a haiku by Don Straight:
    Giving keeps Potsdam
    available for others
    as it was for me.
  • Arlene Stillwell: “I donate to the Psychology Department… because it directly benefits my students and my colleagues. We use that money to fund all sorts of departmental activities, from student travel … to purchasing items that students and faculty need for their research projects. I give via payroll deduction, so I never have to think about it. …I can see the good that comes out of my donation nearly every day.
  • Jan Trybula: “…In the past few years I arrived at the decision that I want to give back to academia. No… ‘want’ is to too weak of a word. I need to give back. I am so grateful for all the opportunities that I had as a student…. [So] I began to give back to my undergraduate and graduate alma maters. But what about SUNY Potsdam? …As Chair of Faculty Senate, I sit on the Potsdam College Foundation Board and have seen all the great ways that giving helps…. I have … [heard] the stories of students as to how those scholarships have changed their lives. Frequently I meet students whose families are struggling…; and, being a first-generation college student, I can appreciate what those families are going through…. Thus have I arrived at the decision that I also need to give to Potsdam and I hope that I can encourage my colleagues to do likewise.”