Faculty Member of the Month

Dr. Christine M. Doran, Associate Professor, English & Communication

Christine Doran photo

I teach mainly twentieth-century British texts with a focus on gender and cultural studies. I love books. I was one of those children who made a second home out a corner of their public library. Hokey as this may sound, this love of books forms the core of my pedagogy--I attempt to share that interest and enthusiasm with our students. Early in my teaching career, I thought it was enough just to give students extraordinary texts. What the students at Potsdam have helped teach me is that enthusiasm alone is not enough. Increasingly, I spend as much time talking about the why and how as I do about the what of my teaching. It is this investment in pedagogy that led me to start the feminist pedagogy group, work for which I received the Learning and Teaching Excellence Center Award of Excellence in spring 2014.

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