Conflict of Interest

In accordance with Federal regulations, SUNY Potsdam requires that a researcher disclose any potential conflict of interest due to a significant financial interest in a sponsored activity to the Research and Sponsored Programs Office before a proposal for that activity may be submitted to a sponsoring agency.

 A potential conflict of interest exists when the personal or private interests of an individual, their spouse or child might lead an independent observer to reasonably question whether the individual’s professional actions or decisions are influenced by considerations of significant personal interest, financial, or otherwise, particularly if those interests or commitments are not disclosed.

In order to provide assurance that any potential conflict is disclosed all investigators must submit an annual disclosure form on or before October 1, but no later than:

  • Submission of an application to an external sponsor, or
  • Acceptance of award where there was no prior disclosure submitted for that work

In addition, a revised disclosure must be filed whenever an investigator’s significant financial interests and obligations change materially.

All investigators must complete Part I. If an investigator’s answers to Part I indicate that there may be a real or apparent conflict of interest, the investigator will also need to complete Part II.

The completed disclosure statement(s) should be placed in a sealed envelope, marked Confidential and sent to Nancy Dodge Reyome, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, 204 Raymond Hall. 

Effective January 19, 2010 the office of Research and Sponsored Programs will not submit your sponsored programs application until your annual disclosure form has been submitted.