News & Notes

Coffee Sessions

The Title III Project Director will host a series of informal “coffee club” sessions with faculty throughout the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 academic year. Coffee club sessions are an opportunity for faculty to ask questions or review guidelines for internal grant application procedures and funding levels in curriculum design, professional development, faculty/student collaborative conference travel, department or individual curriculum design and the learning communities initiative. Faculty interested in discussing preliminary application proposal ideas or exploring instructional approaches in one or more of the internal campus grant programs should contact Gerald L. Ratliff at ext. 2107 to schedule an individual or small group meeting over a complimentary cup of coffee at Becky’s Café!

2012-2012 Guest Speaker Series

“Transfiguration and Transformation: Transition to an Institutional Culture of Undergraduate Research and Reflective Practice”

The Guest Speaker Series is funded as part of the college’s five—year, $1.6 million dollar Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant Award from the U.S. Department of Education to promote undergraduate research across—the—curriculum. A number of nationally known educators and scholars are invited to campus each year to share their expertise in curriculum development and instructional pedagogy with faculty who wish to explore current or innovative undergraduate research practices.

All workshop sessions are hosted in the Learning and Teaching Excellence Center (LTEC) located in the Crumb Library (Room 107) from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Each guest speaker is also available for individual or small group meetings with interested faculty. To schedule an individual or small group session please contact Gerald L. Ratliff at ext. 2107 for additional information.

  • Fall 2012

    • September 28, 2012—Kimberly D.S. Reiter (Stetson University) “The Short Field Course as Interdisciplinary Research”
    • October 19, 2012—Edmund J. Hansen (Northeastern Illinois University) “Idea—Based Course Design and the Curriculum”
    • November 2, 2012—Robert Bachman (Sewanee, The University of the South) “Not Just for the Sciences Anymore: Integrating Undergraduate Research Across the University”
  • Spring 2013

    • March 1, 2013—Mark Harvey (University of North Carolina—Asheville) “Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Community—Based Undergraduate Research: Models and Issues”
    • March 15, 2013—Sheila Cavanagh & Kevin Quarmby (Emory University) “Building a Transnational Classroom”
    • April 5, 2013—Barbara Hornum & Craig Bach (Drexel University) “The Development and Implementation of Institutional Learning Goals”
    • May 3, 2013—Kyla M. Esguerra (University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee) “In—  and—Out of the Classroom: Strategies for Engaging First and Second Year   Students in Undergraduate Research”

In the Spotlight

  • The Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant sponsored an institutional team of faculty to attend the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) National Conference (June 23—26, 2012) hosted by the College of New Jersey. The conference theme, “Leveraging Uncertainty: Toward a New Generation of Undergraduate Research,” focused on interactive sessions and short courses that addressed issues of undergraduate research that transcend historic disciplinary boundaries and the challenges of promoting undergraduate research in a broad global context. Faculty participants included Nasser Malit (Anthropology), Mark Campbell (Music Education), Lisa Wilson (Literature)  Rebecca Reames (Music Education) and Carleen Graham, Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research. 
  • The Learning Communities Program and the Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant are co-sponsoring an institutional team of faculty to attend the Fall 2012 Atlantic Center for Learning Communities (ACLC) Conference (October 17—19, 2012) hosted by Wagner College.  The conference theme, “Integrated Learning for All: Engaging Students at Every Level,” will explore pedagogical methods of incorporating quantitative research into learning community models, the role of Student Affairs in learning community program activities and integrating faculty scholarship and learning community work. Gillies Malnarich, Co-Director of the Washington Center for Improving Undergraduate Education, is the conference keynote speaker. Faculty participants include David Bugg (Sociology), Caroline Downing (Director of the General Education Program), Robert Hinckley (Politics), Julia Rapczyski (Counseling Center), Shailindar Singh (Director of EOP and Bridges Programs) and Oscar Sarmiento (Director of the Learning Communities Program).

Conversations & Colloquies

  • The Learning and Teaching Excellence Center (LTEC) and the Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant are co-sponsoring an Institutional team of faculty to attend the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) national conference (October 24-28, 2012) in Seattle, Washington. The conference theme, “Pencils & Pixels: 21st Century Practices in Higher Education,” will explore a number of curriculum development and electronic media approaches to instructional pedagogy in interactive workshops, panels and roundtable discussions. Faculty participants include Cheryl Miller (Director of the Learning and Teaching Excellence Center), Becky Duprey (Curriculum & Instruction), Peter McCoy (Music Education), Carol Franck (Libraries) and Robert Snyder (Biology). 
  • The Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant is sponsoring a faculty and student collaborative team of presenters to attend the annual Fall conference (October 28-30, 2012) of the New York State Reading Association in Syracuse, New York. The conference theme, “Literacy: Common Core and Beyond,” invites educators to share successful literacy practices that promote instructional success and enhance student learning.  Faculty mentors Tina Wilson Bush, Deborah Conrad and Carolyn Stone will be accompanied by student participants Briana Dougherty, Michelle Faughnan, Paul Gordon, Elizabeth Ringer, Thomas Sawyer, Sarah Thisse, Olivia Tyler and Devinne Voigt. 

Conference Chatter

The 2013 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), which focuses on faculty mentored undergraduate student research, scholarship and creative activity, will host the 27th annual conference at the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse on April 11—13, 2013. Student presenters may share the results of their research projects or creative activities through traditional posters, oral presentations, performances or original works of art. Submission guidelines for the conference will be available in early Fall 2012. For additional information, including registration and housing, please visit the University of Wisconsin NCUR website at The Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant award program “Faculty/Student Collaborative Conference Travel” will sponsor a number of faculty/student teams attending the NCUR conference. For additional information, including application forms and funding levels, please contact the Title III Project Director.

At a Glance

View the list of recipients of a Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant award in individual or department curriculum design, professional development and faculty/student collaborative conference travel to support undergraduate research initiatives.