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Brown Bag Event: Grants and Grant Writing Services at Potsdam

This presentation will give an overview of the services provided by RSPO as well as a demonstration...


Special Event: Indentities and Microagressions in College Environments

Guest speaker, Dr. Margaret Bass, is Associate Professor of English and Teaching Professor Emerita a...


Lunchtime Video Discussion: Active Learning in the Lecture Hall

Ray Bowdish, Biology instructor and 2013 LTEC Award of Excellence recipient, will share a video by E...


Past Events Highlights

Creativity" with Dr. Sandra Stauffer, Joy Douglass Visiting Master Teacher.

Links to other Past Event Videos

  • Our First Annual LTEC Day of Celebration was a success. (View Video)
    To see what you missed or to download materials from the event, go to our LTEC Day of Celebration website.
  • LTEC proudly co-sponsored an engaging workshop presented by Martin Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng, master Ghanian drummer from Brown University, and organized by Dr. Julie Hunter, ethnomusicologist from The Crane School of Music. (View Video)

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