Facul-TE Funding

Learning and Teaching Excellence Center Facul-TE Funding Criteria

The Learning and Teaching Excellence Center has funds available to support small teaching excellence projects designed by faculty. Criteria for evaluating proposals seeking support are:   

  1. The project is clearly conducive to the improvement of teaching and active learning strategies in the classroom and college environment. 
  2. The maximum awarded will be $500.00. Funds may be used for travel to workshops or conferences that directly relate to the individual's teaching, on-line faculty development courses, sponsoring on-campus workshops or speakers for faculty, teaching materials, etc. (Hardware purchase is not funded through this program).
  3. Normal college purchasing and travel reimbursement procedures must be followed by awardees. Awards must be approved by the FACUL-TE Committee at least three weeks prior to the event in order to be funded.    
  4. The knowledge gained by the person will be communicated to the appropriate faculty at SUNY Potsdam, as follows: 

    • A one page report, suitable for publication in SUNY Potsdam LTEC News, will be submitted to the LTEC Director to help disseminate information about the project and, if feasible,
    • A related active-learning program, under the auspices of the LTEC, will be facilitated by the awardee no later than the semester following receipt of the award.   

The Facul-TE Funding program will support a faculty member no more than once during the academic year (September - May).  

Deadlines for Applications:


Applications are evaluated as they are submitted, but will currently be accepted only for activities that will be completed before May 15, 2014.

Also, consideration will be given to applications from members of the faculty/staff that did not receive Facul-TE Awards in the 2012-2013 year.

Please submit your completed information with supporting documentation in both electronic and hard copy form using the downloadable cover sheet to:

Caron Collins
Director, LTEC
Crumb Library