Faculty Fellows

Depending on available funding, we hope at least one Faculty Fellow Award will be funded for the 2013-2014 academic year.  There are new guidelines and a new funding amount available shown below. Applications will be due September 9, 2013 so prepare ahead if you wish to apply and watch for announcements.


Innovative approaches to teaching are central to the mission of SUNY Potsdam. Among the many statements regarding teaching and student learning in the college's mission statement is the following: "To create a student-centered" academic culture which encourages innovative approaches to teaching and learning, provides resources to support pedagogical innovation, and evaluates the effectiveness of teaching and learning."


The Learning and Teaching Excellence Center’s Faculty Fellows grant program invites proposals from any faculty member or staff person of SUNY Potsdam. The program supports three objectives within the College:

  1. innovative teaching, 
  2. the development of instructional leaders and scholarship of teaching (Boyer 1990) and learning, and 
  3. a student-centered academic culture.

To support these goals, the LTEC Faculty Fellows program awards $1,500 per year to a project proposed by a member of the College faculty or professional staff.

Criteria for Faculty Fellows Proposals

The type of scholarship that may be supported by this endeavor is flexible. However, projects should attempt to achieve several of the following criteria:

  1. Support the applicant in designing and implementing innovative approaches to teaching and learning. The project should enhance specific existing or planned courses and projects.
  2. Support the applicant in developing as an instructional leader, or support the applicant’s enhanced scholarly understanding of teaching and learning. (See Boyer 1990 for more information on the scholarship of teaching.)
  3. Yield results that benefit colleagues as well as students. Each project must include a dissemination component on our campus, in which the Fellow will collegially share the results of the project under the auspices of the LTEC. The proposal should yield cross-discipline applications. See “Roles and Responsibilities of LTEC Fellows,” below.

Although the following is not an exhaustive list, projects may include the following:

  • Participation in an intensive seminar, institute, or other professional development opportunity that supports the applicant’s innovative instructional goals.
  • Development of innovative strategies, techniques, and methodologies which enhance existing or planned courses and projects. 
  • Infusion of new technologies to teaching or student learning.
  • Creation of new techniques to enhance student learning, or the assessment of teaching techniques. 
  • Research on other topics related to the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

Role and Responsibilities of LTEC Fellows

One of the aims of the LTEC Fellows program is to tap and share the experiences and resources of our faculty. Fellows will be expected to share the results of the project under the auspices of the LTEC. A plan for sharing the results across disciplines on SUNY Potsdam's campus must be submitted as part of the proposal and included in the spending plan. Possible ways of sharing results include, for example: presenting a workshop or performance under the auspices of the LTEC, leading an interest group, or serving as a peer-mentor.

In addition, LTEC Fellows must submit a report on their activities to LTEC at the conclusion of the fellowship period. This report should include an account of how the grant funds were spent.

Proposal Format

Proposals must not exceed four pages (12 point font, double-spaced). Please submit your proposal in both hard copy and in electronic format. Proposals should include:

  • Completed Faculty Fellows Proposal Form 
  • Budget outlining expenses of project and/or project-related professional development activities related to teaching.
  • One- to -two page description of the project, including proposed methodology and target course(s) and/or project(s), the potential impact on pedagogy and student learning, the project's application to the scholarship of teaching and learning, an assessment component, the timeline for completion, and a plan for dissemination (must include an on-campus component).
  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae (up to four pages) should be attached to your proposal. 


  • The $1,500 in project grant monies are to be used for expenses directly related to the project and/or relevant professional development.
  • All funds must be spent according to purchasing policies of the college. Project funds are available during the fiscal year in which the grant is awarded. Specifically, applications are due September 9, decisions are made by September 25, and funds are available between September 25 of the same calendar year and ending June 15 of the next calendar year.
  • Applicants are generally encouraged to propose a project that uses the full $1,500. However, smaller projects will also be considered.


The Faculty Fellow program is open to all teaching and professional staff, including adjunct instructors, in any discipline or service. Individual and collaborative proposals are welcome.

Application Deadline

Proposals are due September 9, 2013. Project funds are available during the fiscal year 2013 - 2014, beginning September 25, 2013 and ending June 15, 2014.        .

Submission of Proposals

Please submit both electronic and hard copies of your proposal by September 9, 2013 to:

LTEC Director,
Crumb Library 107

Reference Cited:

Boyer, Ernest L, Sr., Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1990.

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