Guidelines for use of the LTEC space

  • Crumb 107 and 107a are shared spaces.  LTEC events and library classes use the LTEC facility.  Effort must be made to schedule you event with the college's class template in order to minimize conflict with the Information Literacy classes.
  • All events must be (co-)sponsored by either the LTEC or the Library and further the LTEC Mission  
  • Workshops, Demonstrations, Panel Discussions, Receptions, and similar events must be open to all members of the campus community, but may be publicized to a focused group
  • Retreats for specific groups of faculty or staff must be for the purposes of professional development  
  • Meetings of the LTEC Advisory Board, its committees, or Library groups may be scheduled in the LTEC but have lowest priority  

Examples of appropriate use:

  •      Instructional Technology workshops
  •      Receptions
  •      Pedagogical Workshops
  •      Panel discussions
  •      Instructional Technology Fair   
  •      Retreats for the purposes of professional development  

Examples of inappropriate use:

  •      Meetings, such as department meetings  
  •      Alternate Classroom space  
  •      Alternate Smart classroom space (i.e. student presentations from a course)  
  •      Events which do not support the LTEC mission  

Procedures for requesting the use of the LTEC

  1. A minimum of 3 weeks notice should be given.  
  1. Requests must be in writing, preferably through one of forms below:

    Please submit the form to Caron Collins, LTEC Director.

    * Be aware that the LTEC space may already be booked and alternate dates may be necessary; flexibility will be appreciated.
  1. Refreshments served in the LTEC must be arranged through PACES.  
  1. Library staff may not be available at the time of the event to assist with your event unless arrangements are made with the LTEC director in advance.

    * If the event occurs outside of usual library hours this information is critical before an event can be scheduled.

Available Equipment for loan or use in the LTEC

  • Digital Camera  
  • Portable Poster board  
  • Laptops (Library Owned)  
  • Projector (Library Owned)
  • Nine Desktop Computers
  • LCD projector
  • Smart Board
  • Smart Podium
  • Color Printer

Contact Dr. Caron Collins, collincl@potsdam.edu, for more information.