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Technology Professional Development Awards


In order to support college employees in the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will improve their use of technology, a fund is available under the auspices of the Provost, College Libraries, and Computing & Technology Services to support technology-related professional development activities. The fund is managed through the LTEC Advisory Board. Proposals for funding will be considered as follows.

  1. Any SUNY Potsdam employee other than student employees may apply
  2. Supervisors of clerical staff may prepare a proposal on the employee?s behalf
  3. Funds will be used to support activities that improve an employee?s competence in using technology applications in clerical, administrative, or teaching positions (e.g. learning new software applications that support teaching or administrative functions; learning new ways to integrate technology into teaching.)
  4. Funds will be used for training not available elsewhere on campus (e.g. through T4P2)
  5. In general funded activities will take place locally or within the region. Funds will be awarded to support extensive travel to an activity only when there is strong evidence of the value of the activity and lack of access to a comparable activity within the region
  6. Activities to be funded include, but are not necessarily limited to: on-line and face-to-face workshops; continuing education classes; training sessions; CIT registration.
  7. The maximum amount available for a single individual is $500 annually.
  8. Requests will be considered as they are received. Funding will be awarded on a rolling basis until the fund has been spent.
  9. Proposals will be reviewed and responded to immediately upon receipt ? within no more than 10 business days.
  10. To be considered for funding, complete and submit the proposal as directed on the form.

No new proposals will be considered until further notice due to funding limits this year.