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About the Campaign

Shaping the Third Century

SUNY Potsdam has exemplified leadership in education for nearly two centuries. As the oldest unit in SUNY, as the home of music education in the United States and as an extraordinary liberal arts college, Potsdam enjoys a clear legacy. To continue to be a leader, the College must increase its efforts to secure this legacy for future generations.

SUNY Potsdam is emboldened by a history of generosity that is unprecedented for a school of its size. Now, the College has launched its third campaign, our most ambitious yet: $27 million by Potsdam?s bicentennial in 2016.

Built on the momentum of tradition, innovation and creativity, the Take the Lead Campaign will shape the third century of the Potsdam's core work. This combines excellence in teaching with a rich arts tradition and a culture of creativity in the liberal arts and sciences to create an extraordinary student experience.

Now is the Time

The Take the Lead Campaign is critical to the College's future. It will ensure access to the highest quality education. It will transform the student experience. It will revitalize the critical interface of student and professor. It will provide financial stability for years to come. And, it will maintain Potsdam's stature as a leading arts campus. Learn more about the Campaign priorities.

As Potsdam prepares to celebrate its bicentennial in 2016, we are aware of the powerful legacy of those who have given so much to create this remarkable institution. It now falls to the present generation of the Potsdam family to be trailblazers. Now is the time to preserve the legacy of our past, build upon our heritage and ensure the strength of our future.


Take the Lead
Invest in Potsdam

Now is the time to invest in Potsdam. We ask you to Take the Lead by making your gift to Potsdam today.

All gifts count in the Take the Lead Campaign!