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Meet our Donors

SUNY Potsdam is proud to celebrate our incredibly generous donors and the thoughtful leadership gifts they have made to the College. Thank you for Taking the Lead for our students!

Since the start of the Campaign, more than $28 million has been raised in support of Potsdam. More than 80 named scholarships have been created, along with nearly 40 additional endowments in support of programs and services for our students. With priorities focused on providing transformational experiences and opportunities for each of our students, the impact of Campaign giving is being felt across all areas of the campus.

Gifts to Education

Gary M. Hind '77 and Deborah Diefendorf Hind '75 School of Education Endowment
In support of the greatest needs of the School of Education, this endowment, established in December 2012, will support our teachers of tomorrow.

The Anita M. Mance Endowment Fund in support of the Rebecca V. Sheard Literacy Center
Established through a deferred gift commitment, this fund will provide financial support for the greatest needs of the Sheard Literacy Center which provides literacy education and resources to Potsdam students, faculty and children in the community.

Literacy Center Programming
Jan Harting-McChesney '74 has pledged her support for "Branching out With Books," a collaborative literacy program between SUNY Potsdam and St. Lawrence University. Jan and her husband, David McChesney, have also established a bequest to support the greatest needs of Potsdam's Sheard Literacy.

Alpha and Friends Fund
A group of Alpha Delta Kappa alumnae has begun a special fund drive to create "The Alpha and Friends Fund," with the goal of building a significant endowment to provide ongoing financial support for the Sheard Literacy Center.

Gifts to Music

Brock & Jane McElheran Endowment
This fund was established in September 2012 through the McElherans' realized bequest in support of The Crane School of Music's greatest needs.

Barbara E. Cervenka, Class of 1961, Endowment
Newly formed in June 2013 with a deferred gift commitment, this discretionary fund will help meet the ever growing needs of The Crane School of Music.

William J. and Evelyn (Batchelor) Mercer Fund
Established through a gift annuity created by William '59 and Evelyn '57 Mercer, this fund will be used for the general support of The Crane School of Music.

Crane Institute for Music Business & Entrepreneurship
David '73 and Carol "Kickie" (Holloway) '69 Britt have pledged their continued support of the CIMBE providing students with hands on music business experiences and networking opportunities.

Barbara Blackmon Malyak '71 Scholarship
Established through a realized estate gift from Barbara Malyak '71, this scholarship will support freshmen entering The Crane School of Music.

Janice and Roger Johnson Center for Leadership in Music Education
Janice Johnson '56, through outright and deferred gifts, has established the Johnson Center for Leadership in Music Education, continuing the vision she shared with her husband, Roger.

Alexander Dashnaw Choral Commission Endowment
Through a deferred gift commitment Alexander "Lex" Dashnaw '56 is creating this fund that will provide for the composition of new works to be premiered by Crane choral ensembles.

Preserving Crane's History
Faculty emeritus Art Frackenpohl and Mary Ellen Walkey Frackenpohl '54 have made a deferred gift commitment that will allow for the preservation and stewardship of the Frackenpohl collection of papers, compositions and works.

Gifts to the College's Greatest Needs

Many donors choose to give completely unrestricted gifts to the College. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund for Potsdam are among the most important we can receive as they provide flexibility and stability for the College.

Foundation Board trustee Mary Helander '83 has chosen to make leadership gifts that are completely unrestricted and will be used to meet the most pressing needs at the College.

Additionally, former VP for College Advancement at the College, Ross Pfeiffer and his wife, Catharine, as well as Sandra '71 and William (Clarkson '70) Shusda have made deferred gift pledges that will provide unrestricted support for Potsdam.

Third Century Endowment

Following a lead gift from the Linden Family, the Potsdam College Foundation established its first-ever unrestricted endowment in support of the College's greatest needs.Additional donors are encouraged to consider gifts to this fund which will provide unrestricted support in perpetuity.

Gifts to Visiting Artists and Scholars


Krystal Quero '14 graduated as a dance major with a minor in business administration after having worked with artists in residence, FuturPointe Dance.

Joy Anthony Douglass, Class of 1956, Visiting Master Teacher
Joy Douglass '56 and her husband, Chester, established this fund in 2011 to provide support for visiting master teachers during each academic year who will share their insights and experiences with current Crane students, faculty and music educators from the surrounding region.

Band Guest Artist Fund
In 2012, Tom Palmatier '75 established this endowment to support guest artists in residencies with Crane's major wind and percussion ensembles.

Dorothy Albrecht Gregory Visiting Conductor Fund
With the generous support of Dorothy Albrecht Gregory '61, world-class conductors annually visit The Crane School of Music to lead the Crane Chorus and Crane Symphony Orchestra. Their display of the excellence and artistry is keenly felt by students and faculty alike. A unique
partnership exists in conjunction with funding established in fall 2010 by fellow alumnus, Dr. Gary Jaquay '61, who graciously endowed the
Adeline Maltzan Crane Chorus Performance Tour Fund. The Tour
Fund provides funds for Crane Chorus to perform under world-class conductors in venues beyond Potsdam. With the assistance of these
funds, the inaugural performance was held in New York City in 2012
when Crane Chorus, with accompaniment by Crane Symphony
Orchestra, performed Verdi's Requiem at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall.

Community Performance Series Guest Artist Endowment
Generously supported by Foundation Board Trustee Dr. G. Michael Maresca and his wife, Barbara, this endowment provides additional
support for world class artists to perform as part of Potsdam's
Community Performance Series.

Cania Family Endowment
Lisa and Salvatore '79 Cania, Jr. have established the Cania Family Endowment in support of the Community Performance Series at SUNY Potsdam.



Gifts to Technology, Equipment and Enhancements

Judith B. Ranlett Endowment
Emeriti John and Judith Ranlett established this fund to provide for the long-term care, maintenance and enhancement of the Wicks Organ in Hosmer Hall.

Practice Organ Endowment
The Practice Organ Endowment was endowed by emeritus Arthur Johnson and his wife, Anne, in April 2013 to maintain, refurbish, improve and or add to the inventory of practice organs used by Crane.

Gail and Richard Stradling Technology Endowment for The Crane School of Music
In 2012, Gail '64 and Richard Stradling gave a gift to purchase audio/video equipment for live streaming of performances from the Snell Music Theater and Hosmer Hall at The Crane School of Music. Inaugural streaming events included the December 2013 Crane Candlelight Concert in addition to "Carmina Burana" to be performed by the Crane Symphony Orchestra in May 2014.

Carl Druba Memorial Fund for Crane Choral Library Enhancements
Joe Liotta '61, along with friends and classmates, established this fund to support the greatest needs of the Crane Choral Library. The fund is in memory of his former professor, Carl Druba.

Student Government Association 2011, HP, and Michael Galane '74 Projection Classroom Fund
In 2010, leadership from SGA saw a need and formed a unique partnership with Foundation Trustee Michael Galane '74 and his employer, HP, to renovate and provide technology upgrades classrooms on campus.

Gifts to Crane Ensembles

Rebekah C. Covell Band Program Fund
Created in November 2012, this fund was given by faculty emerita and Foundation Board Trustee Rebekah Covell to provide support for the Band Program at The Crane School of Music, including a renewable scholarship for a band student.

Crane School of Music Orchestra Endowment
At the receipt of a generous bequest from Brock and Jane McElheran, this endowment was formed to support the greatest needs of the Crane Symphony Orchestra.

Gifts to Arts & Sciences


Chris Li '15 and Ross Hisert '15 are chemistry majors who work closely with faculty conducting research on cutting-edge equipment.

Donald Osterberg Endowment
With support from an anonymous donor, this fund supports SUNY Potsdam's Biology Department as they offer students unique opportunities to research, educate and interpret the St. Lawrence River watershed.

The Dr. Frederick H. Lowenstein Memorial Fund
The Lowenstein Memorial Fund will support the ongoing greatest needs
of the English and Communication Department at SUNY Potsdam. Through a generous deferred gift pledge from Michael Messitt '83, the Department will be able to fund essential programs and opportunities not otherwise possible.

Wagner Institute for Sustainability and Ecological Research (WISER)
Robert Wagner '75 has provided for the construction of a new research greenhouse complex for which the WISER will be named. WISER programs will support research and outreach efforts focusing on sustainability and environmental conservation.

Gifts to Faculty Development

John & Anne Schwaller Faculty Development Endowment Fund
Established through a deferred gift commitment, the John (Hon. '13) &
Anne Schwaller Faculty Development Endowment Fund will assist and support faculty development opportunities.

Gifts to Arts in the Larger Community

Lougheed Festival of the Arts
As the largest individual donors in the College's history, Donald (Hon. '54) and Kathy (Kofoed) '54 Lougheed have provided financial support for the resurrection of Potsdam's tradition of a dynamic and comprehensive spring festival.The week long festival supports dozens of vocal, instrumental, dance and theatrical performances as well as exhibitions, lectures, guest artists and student-led concerts and shows.

Domenic J. Pellicciotti Opera Composition Prize
Following the vision of the fund's donor, Dr. Gary Jaquay '67, the Pellicciotti Opera Composition Prize provides financial support for the solicitation of new operatic compositions as well as the production of winning operatic compositions at The Crane School of Music. This year, 74 submissions were submitted for review from around the world. The global impact of Dr. Jaquay's generosity has brought heightened recognition to The Crane School of Music and has helped to identify tremendous talent among up and coming operatic composers.

Community Performance Series Guest Artist Endowment
Generously supported by Foundation Board Trustee Dr. G. Michael Maresca and his wife, Barbara, this endowment provides additional support for world class artists to perform as part of Potsdam's Community Performance Series.

Cania Family Endowment
Lisa and Salvatore '79 Cania, Jr. have established the Cania Family Endowment in support of the Community Performance Series at SUNY Potsdam.

Performing Arts Center Endowment
Foundation Board President Lynne Boles '74 and her husband, John Priest, have created the College's first endowment for the new Performing Arts Center. The fund will support programs taking place within the building.

Gift in Remembrance

Cassie's Harp Endowment
Dedicated September 2011, Cassie's Harp, serves as a place of remembrance honoring the lives of students who have passed away while pursuing a degree at SUNY Potsdam. The harp was constructed near The Crane School of Music with funds endowed by Al (Hon. '10) and Kathryn (Hon. '10) Davino, in loving memory of their daughter, Cassie.

Clara Mathie Horn Scholarship
Honoring the memory of his beloved wife, faculty emeritus Gordon Mathie (Hon. '82) pledged this deferred gift in support of a music education major whose primary studio is horn.

Mark Armstrong '91 Piano Scholarship
With lead gifts from Rebecca Armstrong and Stephanie Blythe '92, this scholarship was established in memory of Mark Armstrong and will support a student interested in collaborative piano.

Peter and Albertine Santimaw Radding Scholarship
Albertine "Tina" Radding '64 made a gift to establish this scholarship for North Country students pursuing a teaching degree, a beautiful tribute to her husband whom she met as a student more than 50 years ago.

Gift to Student Experiences

Student Enrichment Fund
Foundation Board Trustee Mark Hassenplug '83 created this fund to enrich and enhance student experiences outside the classroom, including activities such as study abroad, internships, research and leadership.

Erin Wagner '13 Field Camp Experience Scholarship
Recent graduate Erin Wagner '13 became the youngest alum to establish an endowed scholarship when she created this scholarship for geology students.

Gifts to Student-Faculty Research

Kilmer Fund for Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research
Established as part of the Campaign seed fund, the Kilmer Fund supports student-faculty research projects known as Kilmer Research Apprenticeships. The program's goal is to increase undergraduate research across Potsdam's campus in all fields of academic study.

Margaret Madden and Thomas Sokol Endowment for Student Research
One of the newest gifts to the Campaign, this fund will support and enhance undergraduate research opportunities at Potsdam.

Gifts to Student Leadership

Pratt Student Fund
The Pratt Student Fund provides financial support for student activities and leadership programming.

Joseph C. Sarnoff Endowment
This endowment is funded by several donors in support of student projects that specifically support community service, volunteerism and environmental preservation ? initiatives that Joseph Sarnoff passionately promoted at Potsdam.

Jessie Rodee Manitta '44 Endowment for Student Life
Ms. Manitta established this fund with a deferred gift commitment. It will be used to enhance student experiences outside the classroom at SUNY Potsdam, such as student activities and student leadership development for club and organizational leaders.

The Dr. Millard and Ruth Harmon Student Leader Conference
As one of the earliest gifts to the Take the Lead Campaign, this endowment supports the annual Student Leader Conference, which provides student leaders with information, resources and inspiration to motivate them and enhance their skills as leaders.

Eileen Goss Whelley Scholarship for Women Leaders
Established in 2012 by Foundation Board Trustee Eileen Goss Whelley '76, this fund provides an internship scholarship to women of SUNY Potsdam as they pursue opportunities they might not otherwise be able to experience during their student years.

Kellogg Family Scholarship
A gift from Alumni Association Vice President Amy Kellogg, Esq. '99, the Kellogg Family Scholarship provides scholarship support for a student in the School of Arts and Sciences pursuing an internship, or other work experience related to his/her major or career path. Students awarded this scholarship possess an exemplary background in leadership and citizenship.

Chip Morris Student Leader Recognition Award
In honor of Dean of Students William "Chip" Morris '78, alumna Amy Kellogg, Esq. '99 established this award to provide scholarship funding for students who have demonstrated leadership skills and a high level of engagement in student activities.

Bonita L. Betters-Reed Scholarship
Foundation Board Trustee Dr. Bonita L. Betters-Reed '73 created this scholarship to support a rising sophomore who has demonstrated leadership qualities.

The Lisa A. Damiani Scholarship for Student Leaders
Honoring the invaluable experience she received as a student leader, Lisa (Vastola) Damiani '90 has established this scholarship for current leaders at Potsdam.

Dan Hurley Student Leadership Fund
This internship scholarship for student leaders was established through gifts from former students and friends of former Dean of Students Dan Hurley '54.

Gifts to Internships and Service Learning

Institute for Ethical Behavior Endowment in honor of Dr. Hughes
As part of the seed fund for the Campaign, this endowment was created to provide resources for service-learning projects that both promote and support ethical behavior. The funds are coordinated by Potsdam's Undergraduate Research Office.

Diana Zinnecker Nole Internship Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Foundation Board Trustee Diana Zinnecker Nole '87 to strengthen internship scholarship opportunities for women in the fields of computer science, math, or science.

Kathleen Friery & Bill Ritter Internship
Established as one of the inaugural gifts to Take the Lead: The Campaign for Potsdam, this fund was created to support Potsdam students in their pursuit of internship opportunities to enhance their undergraduate experience.

Claire Freedman '56 and Marty Koshar Writing Internship Scholarship
Uniquely dedicated to scholarship support of a writing intern at Potsdam's Sheard Literacy Center, this fund encourages recipient interns to work with public school students by creating a "writing club" experience.

The Morale-Zagorski Greek Life Internship Scholarship
Created by Jane Morale '80 and Glen Zagorski '87, this scholarship supports a student intern focusing on Greek Life programs to promote a positive Greek experience for students at SUNY Potsdam.

Bruce and Barbara Conroe Arts Management Internship Scholarship
Faculty emeritus Dr. Bruce Conroe and his wife, Barbara, established this scholarship to support a student intern who focuses solely on the Lougheed Festival of the Arts. The intern not only receives invaluable experience, but is integral to the success of this campus-wide festival.

The Ronald and Teresa Fishbeck Computer Science Scholarship
By endowing this internship scholarship, Ronald '80 and Teresa Fishbeck shaped an opportunity for students majoring in computer and information sciences to engage in off-campus internships. Experiential learning opportunities such as this afford career exploration to Potsdam students.

Gifts to Travel


Alexa Basile '13 graduated with majors in anthropology and secondary education and studied abroad in Sydney, Australia.

Judy Weise Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad
Funds for this scholarship are made possible by the generous gift of Foundation Board Trustee Sean Leous '86 whose belief in the transformative experience of study abroad is paramount to the Potsdam student experience. The fund name honors his former professor.

Jerry & Carolyn Zwaga Study Abroad Fund
Inspired by a passion for travel, Jerry '68 and Carolyn Zwaga established this fund to support a scholarship for student planning to study abroad. As giving to this fund continues, it will eventually support a group of students to travel abroad with faculty, allowing the entirety of the class to reap the benefits of overseas education.

Krista Fordham Study Abroad Scholarship
The youngest alum to establish her third scholarship at Potsdam, Krista Fordham '94 established this endowment to support students participating in a study abroad experience.

Gifts to Art Scholarships

Katya Greer Memorial Scholarship
Honoring the memory of Katya S Czerepak Greer '02, family, friends and co-workers established this scholarship which supports students majoring in art education.

McCall Family Scholarship
Dr. David and Bonnie McCall endowed their family scholarship in 2012 to provide scholarship assistance for students pursuing majors in art education, studio art, or the Bachelors of Fine Arts program.

Diane Day, Class of 1970, Art Scholarship
This scholarship will support juniors and seniors working to complete a major in art at Potsdam.

Gifts to Math & Technology Scholarships

Dr. Charles L. Smith Math Education Scholarship
Honoring his former professor, J. Timothy Lindemuth '72 established this scholarship for a rising junior studying math education.

The Crane Family Endowment for Math and Science Education
Recently created, this scholarship is intended for a rising junior studying math or science education. Funds are graciously provided by Irving and Shirley '62 Crane.

The Komar Family Scholarship
Founded by Michael '80 and Jill '80 Komar, this scholarship provides funding to a first-year or transfer student studying math, computer information sciences, biology, chemistry, or biochemistry.

Jeanne Kimmich Roberts Scholarship
Intended for a first-year female who shows potential to be an outstanding mathematics or computer information sciences major, this scholarship was founded by Jeanne Kimmich Roberts '80.

Slocum Family Scholarship
Established by Christopher '88 and Julie Slocum, this scholarship provides support for a student enrolled in the 3/2 Engineering program at SUNY Potsdam.

Gifts to Arts & Sciences Scholarships

Thomas & Elizabeth Omohundro Environmental Studies Scholarship
Founded in honor of his parents, Faculty Emeritus Dr. John Omohundro and wife, Susan, formed this scholarship in 2009 to support a student majoring in environmental studies.

Thomas & Elizabeth Omohundro Anthropology Scholarship
Created in memory of Thomas and Elizabeth Omohundro, Faculty Emeritus Dr. John Omohundro and wife, Susan, established this scholarship in 2009 to support a student majoring in anthropology.

Mr. C Theatre Scholarship
Funds for this scholarship are made possible by lead donors Kathleen Champney '58, Megan Champney and Katie Klossner '89 in tribute to beloved and longtime Potsdam drama Professor, Mr. William Champney. The scholarship supports a student majoring in theater, with preference given to North Country residents.

Galen K Pletcher Scholarship
Foundation Board Trustee Gary '77 and Debbie '75 Diefendorf Hind established this fund in 2010 in honor of Dean Emeritus Dr. Galen K. Pletcher. The scholarship supports students across a variety of arts and sciences disciplines who are involved in a collaborative project with a faculty member.

The Laurie Augustus and Annella Clouden Endowed Scholarship for Business or Politics
Newly formed in June 2013, Major Marilyn M. Coulden '75 established this scholarship in honor of her parents. Students eligible for consideration are freshmen with financial need, from New York City, of African American ancestry, with preference given to students in business or politics. Additionally, consideration is given to students in computer information sciences, economics, engineering, or mathematics.

Berriman Philosophy Scholarship
Foundation Board Trustee James Berriman '80 has established the Berriman Philosophy Scholarship.

Gifts to Teacher Education Scholarships

Magill Shipman '49 Teachers Scholarship
This fund was established with a deferred gift commitment and will support students majoring in education or music education.

Kathleen Strobeck Fales '44 & Allen R Fales Scholarship
With the financial support of Kay '44 Strobeck Fales and husband, Allen, this scholarship was created to serve students studying early childhood education.

Krista Fordham '08 Master's in Education Scholarship
After returning to Potsdam to complete her master's degree, Alumni Board Trustee Krista Fordham '94 & '08 established this scholarship for a student pursuing a master's of science in teaching or a junior or senior undergraduate studying education.

William J. Amoriell Scholarship
Made possible by the generous support of Foundation Board Trustee Gary '77 and Debbie '75 Diefendorf Hind, this scholarship was created in 2010 to honor Dean Emeritus William J. Amoriell '68. The scholarship assists non-traditional adult learners studying in the School of Education & Professional Studies.

Kathleen M Sipher Memorial Scholarship
In support of students studying math education, the Sipher family endowed this scholarship in June 2010 in memory of Kathleen M. Sipher '73.

D'Addario Family Scholarship for Music Education
John and Joan D'Addario established this scholarship to support students studying music education.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Burgan Northrop '61 Scholarship
Faculty Emeritus Bill Kirchgasser established this scholarship in memory of his partner, Betsy. The funds assist students studying early childhood education in the School of Education & Professional Studies where Betsy was a professor.

Marian Lee Frazier, Class of 1940 and Lulu M. Lee Scholarship for the School of Education & Professional Studies
Established by Dr. Christina L. Frazier & Mary Lee Hubbard, this scholarship funds students studying early childhood or childhood education, with preference given to single parents or students from single-parent homes.

Carol Clements Scholarship
In August 2011, Robert Christiansen established this fund in memory of his wife, Carol Clements Christiensen '72, to provide scholarship assistance to students studying education.

Michele A. Delperuto Teacher Education Scholarship
Created as a deferred gift pledge by Michele Delperuto '71, this fund will support students in education alternating between undergraduate and graduate students, with preference given to graduates of West Genesee High School.

Kathleen Frazier, Class of 1943, Education Scholarship
Established in 2011 by Ms. Kathleen Frazier Jevons, this scholarship supports students who are studying childhood/early childhood education, with preference given to residents of the North Country.

Karleen Brown Jones '56 School of Education Scholarship
Renewable annually by scholarship recipients, this fund created in 2012 is awarded to students declaring early childhood education as their major.

Jean Schauffler '57 Music Education Scholarship
This scholarship supports students from the Southern Tier pursuing degrees in music education.

Virginia Rose Cayey Music Education Scholarship
Established in 2012, Virginia Cayey '61 created this scholarship for students majoring in music education.

Marcia K. Murphy & Gary J. Northrup Scholarship
Alumna Marcia K. Murphy '61 created this scholarship in 2012 to support incoming freshmen from Central New York who pursue a major in social studies education.

The Dorothy B. Carpenter '34 Memorial Scholarship
Established with a realized bequest from Dorothy Carpenter, this scholarship is renewable annually for student recipients who choose to study education.

Vernice Ives Church '61 Scholarship
Alumni Board Trustee Vernice Church '61 made a commitment to grow her scholarship endowment, which provides support for students majoring in elementary education.

Anne Stephen Cook '60 Scholarship
With an outright gift, Anne Cook created this scholarship for future teachers.

Gifts to Music Scholarships

music scholarship

Kayla Kesner '15 is a scholarship recipient majoring in music education with concentrations in voice and special education.

Cassie Davino Memorial Scholarship
Honoring their daughter Cassie Davino's love of music, Al and Kathryn Davino (both Hon. '10) graciously established this fund to support voice majors at The Crane School of Music.

John & Ann Schorge Trumpet Scholarship
Faculty Emeritus John and Ann '64 Schorge created this scholarship in support of students studying trumpet and music education at The Crane School of Music.

Alan E Adams '61 Scholarship
This fund provides for Crane students majoring in voice or music education.

Rita Itkin Schwartz '58 Crane School of Music Scholarship
This scholarship provides assistance to incoming students from New
York City who will study music.

Paul E. Hunt Crane School of Music Recruitment Scholarship
Established with an outright gift, this fund supports students at Crane.

Sitton-Martin Scholarship
This scholarship established by Dr. Michael Sitton, dean of The Crane School of Music, and Mark Martin will provide support for a student studying at Crane.

Faye Cohen Jeser '66 Piano Scholarship
Together with friends and family, Paul '67 and Faye Cohen '66 Jeser established this scholarship to support a Crane student whose primary studio is piano.

Giroux Honors Jazz Combo
George '54 and Mary Ellen '53 Giroux established this scholarship endowment and subsequent ensemble at Crane to provide financial and experiential support to students in the jazz program.

Reynolds/Frackenpohl Scholarship
In honor of Professor Emeritus Arthur Frackenpohl (Hon. '04), this scholarship was established through a deferred gift pledge from Christopher Reynolds '53 and will support a jazz musician at Crane.

Cynthia Thisse Lehmkuhl '63 Scholarship
In support of future Crane students, this scholarship was established by Cynthia (Thisse) Lehmkuhl '63 through a deferred gift pledge.

Carolyn McCorkle Clark '63 and William A. Clark Music Education Scholarship
Carolyn '63 and William Clark established this scholarship for students who exhibit a passion for music and teaching.

William Crowder Music Education Scholarship
The realized estate gift of Faculty Emeritus William Crowder (Hon. '95), will provide support for music education and student scholarships.

Gifts to Hometown Scholarships

Milton & Judith Lowell Scholarship
Founded in 2011 by Ms. Judith Lowell, funds from this scholarship are given to students from St. Lawrence County after completing at least one year of study at Potsdam.

SeaComm Scholarship
Made possible through the generous financial support of SeaComm Federal Credit Union, this scholarship which supports an incoming first-year student from St. Lawrence or Franklin Counties.

Bill '74 & Annette Gagnier '75 Thornton Scholarship
Established by the Gagniers in 2012, this scholarship awards funding to a freshman who resides north of the I-90 highway corridor in New York State.

Wayne and Mary Zanetti Scholarship
Wayne '72 and Mary '73 Zanetti established their scholarship to support an incoming freshman from Sullivan County in New York State.

The T. Urling and Mabel B. Walker Family Fund for Native American Students
This scholarship supports Native American students from Northern New York who are pursuing studies at Potsdam.

Marlene Alexander Klein Scholarship
Supporting a Crane student, preferably from Croghan or Copenhagen, NY, this scholarship was established through a realized bequest from Mary Klein Maples '46.

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas Scholarship
Previously an annually funded scholarship, this new endowment supports a student residing in the Enbridge/St. Lawrence Gas service area in St. Lawrence, Franklin, or Lewis Counties.

Leonard-Sipher Scholarship
The second scholarship established by their family, Justin '92 and Amy (Leonard) '94 Sipher created this fund to support students from Gouverneur, NY.

Marlene Alexander Klein Scholarship
Supporting a Crane student, preferably from Croghan or Copenhagen, NY, this scholarship was established through a realized bequest from Mary Klein Maples '46.

Renzi Scholarship
A leadership commitment was made by Renzi Food service to continue their support of the Renzi Scholarship which supports North Country students.

Gifts to Academic Scholarships

Chuck & Claudia Thomas Ayer '75 Scholarship
Foundation Board Trustee Chuck '75 and Claudia '75 Ayer, created this fund to alternately support students in either The Crane School of Music or the School of Arts & Sciences.

Anna Ashwood Collins '67 & Susan L. Morrison Scholars
Students from across the College benefit from the gracious financial support of this scholarship, which was established in December 2010.

Class of 1961 Scholarship
Incoming freshmen students exhibiting financial need are awarded funding from the Class of 1961 Scholarship, which was formed in September 2011.

Student Gift Annual Award
Funded through gifts from both students and parents, this scholarship supports students from across campus.