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Academic Excellence

Goal: $8,000,000

Your gift will enhance and expand programs by providing the richest, most diverse academic opportunities.

Our goal is to provide the best learning environment for students. By investing in faculty excellence, state of the art academic equipment, technology and facilities, along with visiting artist and scholar programming, we will inspire and motivate our students. Academic excellence gives SUNY Potsdam the edge in recruiting, retaining and graduating the best and brightest students. This learning environment is the heart and soul of the Potsdam experience.

  1. Invest in Faculty Excellence
    Faculty and staff are a college?s most important resources. In order to ensure the highest quality of education for its students, Potsdam needs to recruit and retain exceptional teaching and library faculty. Because competition among colleges for faculty members is fierce, Potsdam must augment its hiring resources with significant investments by private donors. Endowed chairs and professorships will allow the College to recruit quality faculty members while at the same time providing the College with increased flexibility in its use of existing funds.

    A hallmark of an exceptional college is the level of support which it provides to faculty. Therefore, Potsdam also seeks to significantly expand resources to fund a variety of professional development initiatives that promote a life of excellence within academia and help faculty to remain effective scholar-teachers. Examples of these initiatives include faculty resources for the development of new programs and curriculum, research activities, travel to and participation in professional conferences and trainings, and scholarly and creative activities.

  2. Invest in State-of-the-Art Academic Equipment, Technology and Facilities
    Academic equipment is essential to educating the next generation of professionals. On a campus like Potsdam, academic equipment ranges from trumpets and oboes, to potters wheels and kilns, to classroom white boards and laser pointers, to electron microscopes and seismographs, to technology and information resources in the libraries. Because of decades of diminished state support, and because the cost of new equipment can be staggering, some programs at Potsdam lack the modern resources they need to educate their students effectively. It is imperative that the College invests in upgrading its academic equipment in order to attract increasingly technologically sophisticated students and discerning artists, as well as to compete for outstanding faculty members who expect and deserve state-of-the-art teaching and research equipment.
  3. Bring Extraordinary Visiting Artists and Scholars to Potsdam
    Potsdam?s beautiful rural setting affords a protective environment where students are inspired and can focus on their studies and artistic endeavors. However, the College?s location also means that students have limited opportunities to immerse themselves in other cultures or easily access professionals in a specific field of study. Increased opportunities to have distinguished scholars and artists visit campus ? whether a one-day event or a semester-long residency ? is an exciting way to enhance program offerings. The ability to interact with professionals who have garnered recognition for their accomplishments serves to inspire and motivate students as well as faculty.